I finally bought a Fire TV Stick 4K this Prime Day. Here's why you should too

At 50% off there's just no reason to hold off on buying Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K anymore

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With the recent drop off Prime Day Amazon device deals showing up, it's time for me to finally take the plunge and grab a streaming stick. While almost all of the major streaming devices are seeing some sort of discount this year, including the Roku Express 4K+ as well as the Apple TV 4K, there's one in particular that finally has my attention and thanks to an unbeatable price, my money.

The Fire TV Stick 4K, which is now 50% off and at its cheapest price ever thanks to Prime Day, has been on my radar for some time. It's something I've told myself I'll eventually get around to buying but I just haven't been sold on it. The problem is that I've never felt the need to have a streaming device, as I've always just loaded up Disney+, Netflix and all my other streaming services directly through my laptop or PC.

Now that the Fire TV Stick 4K is so cheap, I've realized that not only are my methods archaic but they're just downright obsolete at this point. Why am I hassling through multiple bookmarks, logins and websites when I can just have everything all on in place? Well, now someone like me has no excuse to take that step thanks to what I'd say is one of the best Prime Day deals of the year.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K w/ Dolby Vision & Atmos Support
Now: $24.99 | Was: $49.99 | Savings: $25 (50%)

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K w/ Dolby Vision & Atmos Support
Now: $24.99 | Was: $49.99 | Savings: $25 (50%)
The latest 4K version of the Fire TV Stick is a real winner, offering support for premium tech including Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, 4K playback, HDR10+ and more. For the price, getting all of this in a simple streaming stick is a no brainer now.

If you're like me and feel that browser streaming works "just fine", here's some advice: upgrade to a streaming device ASAP. It saves a ton of time and frustration, and pretty much every streaming service you can think of is right where you expect it to be.

It's easy to navigate to and even easier to browse through, with a remote replacing a difficult to use touchpad or clunky mouse with a minimalist approach. This makes finding your favorite movies and TV shows a breeze. The Dolby Atmos and Vision support was also a deal closer for me. With 4K essentially the standard now, these are a must have for movie watching. The sound quality is incredible and the clarity (if you have the proper display) is second to none.

So for only $25, you essentially get the capabilities of a 4K Smart TV packed into a tiny little streaming stick. It doesn't actually replace a TV, but for those who haven't made the jump to a Smart display this essentially gets you there.

Stop hassling with watching your favorite movies on a PC or laptop and get your TV hooked up with one of these bad boys ASAP.

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