The very best HTC Vive deals for August 2019

These are the best HTC Vive deals and best HTC Vive Pro deals going today

Best HTC Vive deals 2019

If you've been thinking of picking up a HTC Vive or HTC Vive Pro and are unsure of which one to get, and where to get it from to ensure you get the best price going, then this guide is for you. That's because we've rounded up the best HTC Vive deals available to gamers today in 2019.

And now's the time to get right on picking up a HTC Vive, as prices are lower than they've ever been, with some excellent deals on the market, so you don't even need to wait until Black Friday for a VR deal. And that's doubly so on the HTC Vive, which is no doubt thanks to the arrival of the more expensive HTC Vive Pro.

Vive is the pedigree of all virtual reality headsets, the attention to detail can be seen in the quality of their products. The headset's stunning display, precise tracking and 110 degree field of view ensures a fantastic gaming experience. With over 600 games available, you'll be saying goodbye to this world.

Especially with the front-facing camera which allows you to find a drink or take a seat without needing to remove the mask.

Here are the best HTC Vive deals and HTC Vive Pro deals going today: