HTC mocks Galaxy S5 for ‘bad design’

The latest laughs over Samsung’s dimpled rear

HTC's taken to light teasing on Twitter, giving rival firm Samsung a gentle prod in the funny bone over the Galaxy S5's design.

The Taiwanese phone-maker tweeted a picture yesterday showing off the HTC One m8's, with its brushed metal finish, lined up alongside three S5-coloured plasters, riffing on the latest Galaxy phone's dimpled rear.

HTC's UK Twitter page posted the image with the caption “One of these things is not like the other,” whilst the USA account went as far to write “Introducing the cure for bad design.”

Tough talk pointed at Samsung, who's most recent version of the Galaxy received criticism over its not-so-premium backside.

“Our major aims were usability, friendliness and a more humanistic design. We wanted something with a pleasing feel,” said Samsung Senior Product Designer Dong Hum Kim, defending the S5's aesthetic post-launch.

“This material was also the best at visually expressing volume, better at symbolizing our design concepts,” he continued.

Despite this, Samsung actually fired their head of smartphone design after the launch. Maybe HTC's onto something…

If you're not yet swayed to pick a side, why not take a look at T3's comparison between the HTC One m8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5?