How will coffins look in the future?

On board screens, integrated speakers and snazzy lights are a possibility

Coffins are pretty standard these days, but funeral planners Perfect Choice Funerals have mocked up what they think coffins will look like in the future and the results are pretty wacky.

The first addition to the modern coffin that Perfect Choice Funeralsenvisages is a screen on top of the coffin. The screen would apparently be great to show memorable pictures of the deceased, such as that time you Nan got a bit to merry with the sherry at new years. Not only would this be a great way of sharing someone's life, it could also add a lighter touch to a gloomy day.

Another aspect of the coffin that could change is an on board social media stream so that loved ones can post heart-felt messages on Twitter and Facebook, with the social media feed appearing at the bottom of the coffin screen. Although this could be a great way for people to share their memories, not every message that appeared on the screen may be appropriate for the day, and there would be no way of censoring it.

Coffins could also feature side panels that are fitted with lights that change colour, so that you can display the deceased favourite colour. If your Nan was a bit of a party animal, we see no reason why the lighting couldn't repeatedly change colour.

The final touch to the modern coffin is a set of integrated speakers. Unfortunately the speakers wouldn't be designed for pumping out your loved ones favourite clubland classic, but instead used to project the deceased eulogy from the coffin, which could be great for people who struggle reading the speech on the day.