How to follow Raheem Sterling's 7-day Headspace meditation series for free

New meditation collection has dropped – and there's a free deal for launch day

Raheem Sterling
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Headspace has unveiled a new seven-day meditation series with England international footballer Raheem Sterling. Launched today, 'Power of Mind with Raheem' contains a collection of meditations and conversations between Raheem and Headspace teacher Dora Kamau. As well as providing meditations for you to join in with, it offer an insight into Raheem's own journey with meditation. 

The in-app programme is free if you already have Headspace (the market-leading mindfulness and meditation app). For launch day only (today – 22 June) non-subscribers can get a free 3-month trial at

“Dora and I talk about meditation and mental health in an open and honest way, which I hope will [give people] the tools available to not only transform the way they think, but also process their thoughts in a way that helps them to make the best possible decisions," says Raheem of the partnership. 

"Mental training, through meditation, is as important as physical training – doing it regularly helps me to have a much calmer, clearer and sharper mind. When we are in a good mindset, our potential is limitless. Meditation is a great practice – once I learnt how to train the mind, I had the power over my mind, not vice-versa, which was a game-changer."

Raheem Sterling and Dora Kamau meditating

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Each of the seven days focuses on a different key theme, including 'Staying on the Ball' (how to use meditation to improve commitment), 'Showing Up in Life' (finding motivation and building confidence through meditation), and 'Overcoming Difficulties' (techniques for coping with pressure). There are also sections looking at why it's important to celebrate your acheivements, practising self-compassion and how to set intentions for your meditation practise. While you're probably not facing exactly the same difficulties Raheem has to tackle, there's plenty of skills here to help anyone cope with their own daily challenges.

Go to to access your exclusive 3-month free trial of Headspace (deal available for 24 hours only, from 22 June). 

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