Valentine's Day: How much 'bedroom exercise' you need to burn off the calories of popular Valentine's Day foods?

An indulgent dish for Valentine's Day might just put you in the right mood to burn off the calories in a pleasurable way

Calories in Valentine’s Day foods plus how much 'bedroom exercise' you need to burn them off
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It's very likely we will all be spending Valentine's day at home, at least in the UK, given the current lockdown situation. This means most of us will be enjoying a romantic meal for two at home, which is not a bad thing, considering that eating out out on Valentine's day is the worst experience, even when there isn't a pandemic going on.

Since you are here reading this article, it's likely you are almost as interested in fitness as you are in indulging yourself on Valentine's day. Just how many calories are there in popular Valentine's day meals? to save you some time googling and adding up the calories yourself, the energy experts at rounded up the most and least indulgent meals and desserts to make and enjoy with your significant other (or COVID bubble) this Valentine’s Day.

In addition to the ranking of each item – ranging from starters, entrees, desserts, and drinks – the experts also calculated the calories in each one, as well as how long the average person would need to go for a run to burn these calories off. If you’re 'in the mood' for something other than a running, we’ve also calculated how long you’ll need to engage in 'bedroom exercising' to burn the excess calories off.

For example, a Surf & Turf meal (featuring filet mignon, garlic butter prawns, a jacket potato with butter and sour cream plus creamed spinach) is 886 calories, and you’d need to jog for at least 102 minutes to burn off those calories. On the lighter end, everyone’s favourite aphrodisiac – oysters on the half shell – can be enjoyed, almost guilt-free, at just 266 calories and only 31 minutes of jogging to burn the calories off.

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Calories in Valentine’s Day foods plus the time it takes to burn them off

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MealCaloriesTime it takes to burn off calories
Breakfast in Bed886 calories1 hour, 42 minutes
Spaghetti Bolognese667 calories1 hour, 17 minutes
Heart-Shaped Pizza569 calories1 hour, 5 minutes
Grilled Salmon Entree427 calories49 minutes
Flourless Chocolate Cake374 calories43 minutes
Box of Chocolates250 calories29 minutes
Red Wine250 calories29 minutes
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries128 calories15 minutes
Bowl of Strawberries & Whipped Cream56 calories6 minutes

For more adventurous couples, the experts also rounded up two kinds of romantic dinners, a lighter and more indulgent option, and the time it takes to burn the calories off in the bedroom:

It would take one hour and 55 minutes of 'bedroom activities' to burn off the calories from a light meal for two, consisting of chilled lobster, grilled salmon entree, bowl of strawberries and whipped cream plus a glass of champagne (745 calories in total).

A more indulgent option, including cheese fondue, Surf & Turf, flourless chocolate cake and a whole bottle of champagne comes to a staggering 2,392 calories and to burn it all off, you would have engage in a rather long session in a bedroom: six hours and 11 minutes long, to be precise.

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