House of Marley celebrates One Love biopic with limited edition turntable

There are only 250

House of Marley One Love Turntable
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In line with the release of One Love – a biopic surrounding the life of Bob Marley – House of Marley have released a limited edition turntable. One of just 250 pieces, these are certain to be sought after collectors items.

Bob Marley may not have ever really left the public consciousness fully, but he's about to come storming back into view thanks to a major biopic out on 14 February - One Love.

In celebration of the film, the long-standing audio brand House of Marley – most well-known for its recognisable use of sustainable materials like bamboo – is releasing a limited edition collaboration.

It's a reissue of its Stir It Up turntable, a simple vinyl player with some nice features, and the rebranding for the movie is actually really quite subtle, mostly confined to a logo on the top left of the device.

There will only be a run of 250 of these versions, though, making them potentially sought-after, and each will come with a certificate of authenticity to make its provenance clear. 

Speaking about the launch, Ziggy Marley, one of the producers of One Love and son of Bob Marley, said "House of Marley's Limited Edition turntable echoes Bob’s principles, creating a haven for fans to immerse themselves in an album from start to finish. It becomes a tangible extension of Bob Marley's journey, seamlessly complementing the cinematic exploration. Once you listen to vinyl, the quality and warmth you feel is a totally different experience."

The Stir It Up will play your vinyl over a normal wired connection if desired, but the real key is that it has Bluetooth to connect to any wireless speakers you might have, making it a really flexible addition. 

It largely keeps things simple beyond this, although the design is timeless and should fit into most aesthetics, thanks to the use of wood. The build also uses recycled silicone and fabric, emphasising the sustainability of how it's been made. 

The limited edition Stir It Up is available directly from House of Marley right now for £250, although we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that you can also pick up the standard, non-One Love edition version of the turntable from the same store for £150, with all the same features.

This means there's a little bit of a question over how much you're interested in owning something rarer, effectively. 

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