Honor plans to counter Samsung Galaxy S24 with "groundbreaking" battery upgrade

Honor Magic 6 Pro will among the first flagship phones with innovative Tesla-style battery tech

Honor Magic 6 Pro
(Image credit: Honor / PhoneBuff)

We've already seen the first major flagship Android phones launched this year, in the form of the Samsung Galaxy 24 family, but things will soon get a whole lot crazier. Mobile World Congress is on the immediate horizon, so we can expect a whole swathe of new handsets to emerge.

One of those that'll make its full debut at MWC 2024 is the Honor Magic 6 series and, specifically, the Honor Magic 6 Pro. We've seen a few leaks in recent times, including the prospect of a Porsche tie-in, but now the manufacturer has confirmed that it's coming in time for the show.

In addition, it has detailed one of the phone's biggest new features – a "groundbreaking", innovative battery that you'd normally see in a Tesla rather than a mobile device.

It will sport a 5,600mAh second-generation silicon-carbon battery, which doesn't just offer stable fast charging and extended battery life, but is capable of operating in extreme conditions, including temperatures down to -20-degrees celsius.

This was tested, under instruction by Honor, by YouTuber PhoneBuff. He used the phone in a freezer set to that temperature with no impact on performance.

The new technology allows the Magic 6 Pro to support 80W fast charging, too, and a dedicated chipset ensures that both efficiency and power distribution is adhered to in all circumstances.

Of course, the flagship handset won't be the first model to feature a silicon-carbon battery – the Honor Magic V2 foldable phone was recently released with a cell featuring similar tech. It's good to see it also coming to other premium handsets though.

The Honor Magic 6 Pro will launch during MWC on 25 February. Honor will host a dedicated event the day before the full show starts.

T3 will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to bring you everything as it happens. That will include all breaking news and our impressions on the latest handsets.

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