Here are some of the most detailed Samsung Galaxy S24 hands-on pics yet

New comparison images show exactly how the Galaxy S24 Ultra differs from the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra render
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Just when you thought there wasn't anything left to leak about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, new leaks have come along to deliver a bit more detail. This time the leaks are in the form of live images showing exactly how the Galaxy S24 Ultra compares physically to the current Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The original images appeared on the website of Taiwanese publication Sogi, but they've since been removed – presumably in response to a nastygram from Samsung's legal team. But this is the internet, and once a leak has leaked it can't be unleaked. So the images are everywhere, including on 91mobiles and on Mysmartprice.

It's fair to say that the images won't have you jumping out of your chair and bellowing, Planet of the Apes-style, "you maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you!", because the changes are minor. But it's still interesting to see what Samsung's been up to in advance of the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch in January 2024.

What's different between the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

The leaked images show the top, the side and the bottom of both phones, and up top you can see that the S24 Ultra has grown a second microphone hole towards the right (when holding the phone with the screen towards you). 

That's all the changes on top – the other mic hole and the antenna band are in the same place – but there are a few more changes down below. The S Pen slot appears to be much flatter, there's one fewer microphone hole and the speaker is now a single slit rather than the grille design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The SIM tray and release and the USB-C port haven't moved.

There aren't any significant changes round the sides of the device, although like the S Pen tray the side buttons do appear to be flatter. Clearly this time around Samsung's focus has been on refining the existing design rather than doing anything particularly strange or startling; as we've said previously, the biggest changes to the S24 Ultra are internal, not external, with a next generation Snapdragon 8, an upgraded display and some significant camera improvements too.

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