Henry Cavills’ trainer shares 8-minute bicep workout – the perfect arm day finisher

It may not be long, but it’s seriously spicy!

Henry Cavil at The Witcher 3 premier
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Want bigger, badder looking biceps, like Henry Cavil? Well, now you can. The trainer behind Cavil’s incredible physique, Dave Rienzi (who’s also trained like the likes of Dwayne Johnson), has shared a finisher to add onto the end of your pull day that’ll leave your biceps bulging. Plus, it won't take you hours either, we're talking around just eight minutes.

The finisher is actually a tri set, hence the speed, which is where you perform three exercises back-to-back with no rest in between – perfect when you’re short on time. However, tri sets are also very effective for hypertrophy too (increasing the size of your muscles), as they increase time under tension and exhausting the muscle, which are two key factors for muscle growth.

This workout includes three different variations of the bicep curl and for it you're going to need to head to the cable machines and grab an EZ curl bar attachment. You can also do it at home with a pair of dumbbells (you'll just have to change your arm positioning for the different exercises). Perform the three exercises below back-to-back for 8 reps, squeezing at the top of each rep for one second, then take a 45 second rest. Repeat the workout three more times and your arms will be looking seriously swole. Here's the workout:

  • Close grip curls - 8 reps
  • Wide grip curls - 8 reps
  • Reverse curls - 8 reps

Simple, but seriously effective, just how we like it! If you don't have dumbbells and you're not doing this workout at home, you could even use a long resistance band and just standing on the bottom of it so you can do your curls. Want to train more like Henry Cavil? Here's his training regime for The Witcher and his favourite fitness gadget.

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