Hayabusa launches world's first 3D-printed boxing gloves featuring 1000s of force-damping struts

Each glove is methodically engineered for "best-in-class" protection, performance, and comfort

Hayabusa launches world's first 3D-printed boxing gloves, the T3D
(Image credit: Hayabusa)

3D printing is all the rage in sports equipment manufacturing because it offers unique solutions and unparalleled precision unmatched by traditional design, which lends itself to some truly innovative solutions. Combat equipment manufacturer Hayabusa's latest product line, T3D Boxing Gloves, uses this technology, "reimagining the DNA of a glove, replacing layered foams with a complex matrix of resin lattice."

In fact, the Hayabusa T3D are the world's first boxing gloves featuring 3D-print technology. Currently featured at the top of our best boxing gloves guide, Hayabusa's been pushing the boundaries of what's expected of combat equipment, but their latest product is the most innovative yet.

The new T3D uses a mesh network of geometric cells coded to absorb and channel energy upon impact and keep your hands comfortable with targeted support, Hayabusa explains. The company claims that this 3D lattice contains thousands of force-damping struts proven to outperform and outlast traditional foam construction.

Hayabusa launches world's first 3D-printed boxing gloves, the T3D

(Image credit: Hayabusa)

"We are beyond excited to share our T3D Boxing Gloves with the world," said Hayabusa CEO Ken Clement. "This will fundamentally change the industry's perception of hand protection and comfort. Hayabusa's patent-pending design took years of research, development, and testing to perfect, and we're ready to define the next era of performance." 

The T3D Boxing Gloves are said to be the result of years of research and development, combining a decade of high-precision impact data and the power of 3D printing. Each glove is methodically engineered, "taking best-in-class protection, performance, and comfort to a new dimension."

T3D Boxing Gloves come in 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18oz sizes, four colourways, and will be available exclusively through Hayabusa from 24 April 2023. For more information about the 3D-printed boxing gloves, visit Hayabusa today.

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