Has Google Maps captured a murder?

'Blood-stained' pier prompts speculation over possible crime

'Blood-stained' pier prompts speculation over possible crime; more likely to just be a wet dog that went for a swim.

Google Maps has recorded some interesting sights lately, but could it have caught something less savoury?

The last couple of months have seen couples in compromising situations, a possible donkey hit and run, as well as some serious crimes.

However, the latest discovery appears to be the scene of a murder, two people dragging a corpse and leaving a bloody trail behind them.

Or is it?

The image was captured in the Netherlands in 2009, and was discovered by a Reddit user earlier this week.

However, before you let your mind go racing Gizmodo points out that it is more likely a dog that has been for a swim in the lake.

The nefarious blood trail? Likely nothing more than a soaking wet dog staining the wood of the pier with water, and shaking itself off at the end.

Besides, who dumps a body in broad daylight, in the middle of a public park (well, aside from stupid TV criminals)?

That said, if you've ever owned a dog, then you'll know the smell of a wet one is a defiantly less than savoury.

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