GTA 6 will feature four cities including London, says industry insider

Top gaming industry insider Michael Pachter drops tantalising GTA 6 details

(Image credit: Rockstar)

There'd been talk of GTA 6 featuring multiple in-game cities that the player could visit before, with gamers actually specifically calling out their desire for a "300GB GTA 6 where multiple cities are in it".

Well, the dream of a GTA 6 with multiple cities just took a massive step to becoming a reality, with the world's most respected video game analyst and insider, Michael Pachter coming out and stating that:

"My understanding is that it is a mash-up of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City and Europe. London, for sure. You will be able to go anywhere and have missions that will take you to all of those places. It will probably be a 400-500 hour game, by the time they get it out."

Wow! Just wow! That sounds absolutely incredible to us here at and, considering Pachter's multiple decades long experience and authority in the gaming industry, we feel like this is what gamers are going to be treated to when GTA 6 is released, which right now is looking like 2024.

Rockstar will have truly outdone their own crazy high benchmark for open world games, though, if they produce a title that not only has multiple cities in it, with Pachter specifically naming Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City and London, but technically has multiple continents in, too.

The scope of that just seems monumental to us here at, and wondrous also. Imagine starting the day waking up in Vice City, before hailing a taxi, travelling to the airport and then getting on an aeroplane to fly to London. Leave the airport, take the metro to a central London pub before then proceeding to check into a hotel. The potential for immersion in a GTA 6 with multiple cities and continents is immense.

There's something quite cool about the GTA series returning London as a setting after all these years, with Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 now over 22 years old.

The other major detail in Pachter's brief is that the game "will probably be a 400-500 hour game", which would surely set a new record for the series. Even if much of that time was spent in multiplayer, with so much in-game territory to explore and adventure in, you've got to imagine it would be time well spent.

Here's hoping Pachter's comments are accurate, then, as while he is an industry veteran in terms of analysis he is not always right. Let's also hope that Rockstar can actually deliver, as despite the studio confirming that GTA 6 is in active development, there has been talk that the development of the game hasn't been super smooth to date.

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