GTA 6 incoming? Leaker says Rockstar about to "make a big announcement"

Could we be about to get our first official news about GTA 6?

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In news that could potentially be a GTA 6 bombshell, a Twitter account who states that they are, "a reliable source covering all upcoming News, Leaks & Rumors for the highly anticipated sequel to Rockstar Games’ Bully/GTA", has posted a tweet saying that Rockstar Games are about to "make a big announcement at #TheGameAwards".

And that's potentially very exciting as The Game Awards 2022 are taking place TODAY on December 9th. More exciting still is that Rockstar Games are confirmed as being part of the show. That means we could be just hours away now from getting our first look at GTA 6.

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While it is unconfirmed if the announcement will be GTA 6 related, this tweet was picked up by the GTA 6 Reddit, with gamers going on to theorise if the "big announcement" will actually be a GTA 6 reveal or not.

Here at T3 we're inclined to take this tweet with a healthy pinch of salt, and lean more towards the position held by Reddit user Trojan_Man68, who replied in the thread stating that:

"Every time we think they might drop something at a game convention we always end up disappointed. This is cool think about but keep expectations low."

Keeping expectations low is a smart move in our opinion, as while the "big announcement" could be GTA 6, it could also be just something like a GTA 5 port on Nintendo Switch, or an expanded version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

As to why Rockstar Games would want to drop a GTA 6 announcement at The Game Awards, though, isn't at all without merit. The reasoning behind this lies in the second part of the leaker's tweet, which states that:

"Rockstar Games will win back fans’ trust with announcement."

Why does Rockstar Games want to win back fans' trust? Only because it really dropped the ball with the recent GTA Trilogy remaster, which was a buggy, broken, insulting mess.

Could Rockstar Games have decided the best way to get games to forgive them is to announce GTA 6 at The Game Awards 2022? We will just have to wait until Thursday this week to find out.

In the meantime gamers can occupy themselves by creating their own GTA 6 wish lists, as a group of GTA fans did recently on Reddit. The suggestions on the whole sounded really exciting, too, with things like multiple cities being available in-game, through to a mobile weapons stash and ageing gear, and onto things like drug dealing and NPCs with real lives wished for.

Although there was of course one person who asked for the ability to urinate on demand in GTA 6.

Here at T3 we also have our own GTA 6 feature wish list, which includes things like better written female characters, enhanced character home customisation, better AI and a larger load-free world with more interiors.

Whether or not Rockstar Games can deliver any of these things remains unknown right now, but even if a few of these features made it into Grand Theft Auto 6, then it would be a better game for it.

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