Gozney’s new Arc pizza ovens give you more control, consistency and space than before

Gozney launches its most advanced pizza ovens yet

Gozney Arc pizza oven
(Image credit: Gozney)

Award-winning pizza oven manufacturer, Gozney has just added to its popular portfolio with its new Arc range of pizza ovens. Made up of the Arc and Arc XL, the two models offer more control, consistency and space than its predecessors, thanks to its new lateral gas burner.

Renowned for its collection of the best pizza ovens, Gozney brings deliciously authentic and restaurant-grade pizza to your home. In late 2023, Gozney updated its range with the Gozney Dome S1, a streamlined and gas-only version of its original Gozney Dome, and now, the brand is adding a whole new collection to its line-up.

The Gozney Arc range features two new pizza ovens – the Arc and Arc XL – which have been described as “setting a new standard for creating epic pizza at home”. Both pizza ovens come equipped with a variety of innovative features which makes cooking pizzas, steaks, vegetables and more, easier and stress-free for beginners and experts alike.

The most exciting feature of the Gozney Arc is its new lateral gas burner. Situated on the side of the Arc, the burner creates a flame that replicates a wood fire by fanning it out and rolling it across the domed ceiling of the pizza oven. The lateral gas burner works within the ratios of insulation and the 20mm stone floor to create an even heat distribution which offers quicker and more consistent cooking for the best results every time.

Aside from its precise flame, the use of the lateral burner creates more space within the pizza oven, so users can make bigger pizzas within the extra-large mouth of the Arc. With a larger capacity inside the pizza oven, you can also maneuver your pizza and other foods more easily for better coverage.

This larger space expands off the Gozney Dome S1, which was given an extra-wide mouth and larger stone floor akin to a traditional Neapolitan oven. As someone who owns the Dome S1, I’ve found the extra large mouth extremely helpful for cooking multiple pizzas at a time, although the Arc takes this to the next level with its even bigger mouth.

Gozney Arc and Arc XL on a white background

(Image credit: Gozney)

Another exciting feature of the Arc range is its built-in digital thermometer. As the Arc easily reaches temperatures of up to 500oC, the dial for the lateral burner and thermometer work together for more controlled flames. The thermometer will also alert you when the stone of the pizza oven reaches the perfect temperature, so you can cook pizzas in as little as 60 seconds.

Both the Arc and Arc XL have the same design, inspired by the original Dome. Made from high quality materials, the Arc range has the durable and curvy painted shell that Gozney is known for and features a new exhaust to reduce soot build-up. Depending on your outdoor space, the Arc and Arc XL come with two add-on displays: a booster and a portable rolling stand.

The main difference between the Arc and Arc XL is the size (unsurprisingly). The Arc is best for 14-inch pizzas with its smaller oven mouth width, while the Arc XL is suited for 16-inch pizzas, thanks to its larger oven mouth. The Arc (£599) and the Arc XL (£699) will be available to buy from March on the Gozney website.

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