GoveeLife's best-selling smart electric heater is now half price on Amazon

Struggling with the cold? Look no further...

GoveeLife Electric Heater
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With temperatures having dropped across the majority of the UK this week, it's no surprise that we've been feeling the cold. After quite a mild December, the freezing conditions have been quite a shock to the system, especially as spring is now on the horizon. 

There are many clever ways to warm your home during cold spells, including using a smart thermostat or smart plug. However, there are some devices that are often overlooked due to the assumption that they're expensive to run, including electric heaters. In fact, the best electric heaters are quiet, mostly energy-efficient and in some cases, even fit in with the aesthetics of our home. 

This week, I've been looking for some of the best electric heater deals currently available, and I've finally found one. GoveeLife is known for producing some of the best electric heaters, humidifiers and fans, especially models at a more affordable price point. Now that the brand has applied a whopping 50% off one it its best-sellers, there's really no better time to grab a bargain. 

GoveeLife Electric Heater: was £99.99, now £50 at Amazon (save £49)

GoveeLife Electric Heater: was £99.99, now £50 at Amazon (save £49)
Available in black or white, this smart electric heater from GoveeLife is a great way to keep your home cosy and warm. It's currently reduced from £99.99 to £60, but an extra £10 off is applied at checkout. Grab a bargain whilst you can!

If you're worried about generating excessive heating costs with the GoveeLife Electric Heater, its features will put your mind at ease. The heater's ECO mode suppresses unnecessary power consumption caused by overheating, therefore saving on your electricity bills in advance. The heater's temperature can also be controlled via the GoveeLife app or Amazon Alexa and Google Home, reducing unnecessary electricity usage even further. 

The GoveeLife Electric Heater is able to heat up within two minutes, and features four different heating modes. The 6ft power cord and integrated handle makes it easy to transport the heater wherever it's needed. 

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