Google TV about to be inundated with ads, on both Chromecast and Smart TVs

Chromecast with Google TV 4K
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Google has launched a new service that makes it easier for advertisers to place commercials on Google TV's live channels.

The FAST channels will likely get YouTube-style ads soon.

Google is about to flood your Chromecast and Google TV set with adverts, although you might not really care that much as they're to be confined its live channels.

Unlike most paid streaming services, Google's live channels line-up is completely free to access. But then, nothing is ever truly free.

There are more than 125 live channels available to watch through Google TV, and The Verge reports that advertisers are now being offered the chance to place non-skippable commercials amongst the content.

To be honest, that's a fair trade off considering there's a decent amount of quality shows and movies on offer, across a vast number of genres. And, considering the industry term for such a service is FAST (free ad-supported TV), like the advertisers themselves, you can fill in the blanks.

The reason why this has only recently surfaced is that Google has launched its "Google TV Network" – a service for companies to use to place their ads. It signals a distinct upswell in the number of commercial spots you're likely to see on a Chromecast with Google TV device or supported Smart TV.

The opportunities will be attractive to advertisers for sure, considering Google claims to have more than 20 million monthly active users of Google TV or Android TV. It also says that those currently watching its streamed channels watch for at least 75 minutes a day.

In addition, the new Google TV Network can be used to send adverts across the platform and YouTube combined, so don't be alarmed if you're being pushed the same sort of product across both.

Maybe this move will also prompt Google into finally releasing a new version of the Chromecast – something that's been rumoured for a while. We'd certainly welcome an upgraded streaming device from the firm. After all, the current 4K version is almost four years old now.

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