Google Pixel Watch just received its first big update with new features

Smartphones from Pixel 4a to Pixel 7, as well as the Pixel Watch, all treated to some upgrades

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

Google has just announced a set of free new software features for its Pixel smartphones and the Pixel Watch, and they’re all available now via the latest Pixel Feature Drop.

New for December, the feature drop includes a set of new Pixel Watch tiles for its most popular apps. These tiles bring more information to the smartwatch’s face, including sunrise and sunset times from the weather app.

There’s also a new Pixel Watch tile for the watch’s contacts app, which lets users pin five contacts from their favourites list to the tile. That way, you can text them, call them or look at their contact details more quickly than before.

The update was announced today, 5 December, and will begin rolling out right away, so Pixel Watch users (and Pixel phone owners) should see the new features arrive imminently.

Google is also taking the opportunity to remind Pixel Watch users that the wearable now integrates with Fitbit Sleep Profile, which collects sleep data over a period of at least 14 nights, then delivers detailed sleep analytics from the start of the following month.

The feature only arrived in November, but already Google says it has delivered data to 6.35 million users. Comparing those already using the new feature, which is part of Fitbit Premium, to those that aren’t, Google says it has found that “people who use Sleep Profile are most successful at hitting the ideal range of ‘time before sound sleep’, REM sleep and deep sleep.”

Taking into account 10 aspects of sleep, including duration, bedtime consistency and disruption, the feature depicts users’ sleep patterns with one of six animals. The Pixel Watch needs to be worn to bed for at last 14 nights each month before results are delivered the following month.

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