Google Pixel Watch 2 could get a software upgrade – but there's a catch

The next-gen smartwatch could inject some added colour into its watch faces

Google Pixel Watch
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When the Google Pixel Watch was unveiled last year, it was an important moment. The brand – who also develop the Android and Wear OS software – we're already established in some markets, but this marked the first instance of a Pixel branded smartwatch.

It joined devices like the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro – the companies' Android phones, which had already achieved success – and offered a competent Apple Watch alternative for Android users.

Now, attention is focused on its successor – the Google Pixel Watch 2. That's expected later this year, and will hopefully improve on a few points in the spec sheet. The latest rumour suggests that a range of new watch faces will be added to the device.

That comes from popular tech tipster, Kamila Wojciechowska, who enjoys a proud history when it comes to Google leaks. According to the report, four new faces will join the fray.

The first is an accessible face. That offers a relatively simple design, with a few variations. Users can setup a digital time display, with a complication in a few different areas.

Next is the Arc face. This is a highly customisable design, with a maximum of four complications on the dial and four around the edge. It's reminiscent of the Wayfinder face on the Apple Watch Ultra, though it doesn't quite go toe-to-toe in terms of the information on show.

The new selection is rounded out by a pair of Bold faces. Users can choose between digital or analog time formats, with the possibility of adding complications or leaving things a little more plain. Both faces utilise chunky numerals, for the ultimate ease of viewing.

Sadly, it doesn't seem likely that these faces will be usable on the original Pixel Watch. These are described as exclusive to the Pixel Watch 2, though it's unclear if there is any practical reason why they wouldn't work with the older model.

That's a shame for older users. However, it does add to the excitement for the Pixel Watch 2. I'm particularly fond of the Arc watch face, which packs in a lot of information, without appearing cluttered.

While there hasn't been any announcement of an official launch date for the Pixel Watch 2, we are anticipating it soon. Many have suggested that it will launch alongside the new Google Pixel 8 range, which is expected around October.

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