Google Pixel 8 could get a decent free AI photography upgrade

Several sources have hinted at an impressive array of new features

Google Pixel 7 Pro camera unit
(Image credit: Google)

This year, the market for Android phones has been stacked with great options. We've seen a number of brands come into form, with handsets packed with specs and cool features.

Chief among them was the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Both models featured a native version of the Android software, while the Pro variant also boasted one of the best cameras on the market. All of that goodness came at a reasonable price, too, making them a popular choice.

Now, attention is turning to the Google Pixel 8 range. Based on historic release schedules, those devices are expected sometime around October. Despite that, the rumour mill has been relatively quiet about them so far.

However, we've finally got some more information, which gives us a little insight into the upgrades which could be coming. According to renowned tech tipsters Mishaal Rahman and Kamila Wojciechowska, the new models could offer features to improve the quality of group shots.

Details taken from surveys offered to the Pixel Superfans group seem to suggest an AI-based approach to perfecting this. Those statements include things like, "No worries if someone's distracted during a group photo, your phone's AI can still make it into a perfect group photo," and, "Create the perfect team picture by merging everyone's best shot with your phone's AI technology, so everyone looks great."

It's widely expected that these will form part of the Magic Editor feature. That was shown off at the Google IO event in the summer, and promises impressive AI-powered photo editing. We saw the feature used to move subjects in the frame, while AI filled in the missing portions.

It sounds like an interesting improvement. Wojciechowska's insight suggested users would be able to "instantly change the photo background, peoples’ clothes, or truly anything else in the photo."

That sounds like a pretty powerful tool. We'll have to wait until we can get hands on to pass judgement, but the concept certainly sounds like something which would be useful. In particular, the ability to auto-assign the best face shot for each person sounds like a brilliant idea. 

If you take a lot of group photos, you'll be more than aware of the struggles that ensue. Broadly speaking, each person looks good in one shot, but getting a picture where everyone looks their best is tough. Being able to stitch in the best bits for each person could make that a thing of the past.

With less than two months until the range is tipped to launch, we shouldn't have to wait long for more details. Keep your eyes peeled, too. The current lack of leaks and rumours feels a little unusual, so expect more to emerge as the launch date draws nearer.

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