Google Maps on iPhone finally gets dark mode for comfortable night driving

Give your eyes a break with dark-themed Google Maps

Google Maps
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Google has just launched the dark mode setting on Google Maps for all iOS users. Despite being announced earlier this year, the feature has only now started rolling out users. 

The best Android phones have had the dark theme setting in Google Maps for a while now, with users of some of the best iPhone handsets now finally getting the chance to enjoy the same low-light feature.

Back in August, Google Maps formally announced a dark theme for the iOS app and that it would be arriving at some point later in the year. There are mixed reports on when exactly the dark mode feature first became accessible, but The Verge notes that it's been available since September. 

Google Maps on iOS will still use the light mode by default, which means users will need to manually enable dark mode to make driving at night with Google Maps more comfortable on the eyes. An added bonus is that dark mode saves battery life, as well, so it's a useful feature to have. Here's how to enable it on your iPhone:

Google Maps Dark Mode on iOS: How to enable

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your iOS device
  2. Click on your profile picture within the app
  3. Then head to the Settings option, scroll down and click Dark Mode
  4. From here, you can toggle the dark theme on or off

Google Maps

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One point to remember if you happen to be using Android Auto with Google Maps: there have been various reports of voice commands not working with the navigation app, Google Assistant, and some of the best Android Auto head unit setups. We're not sure how this could impact Maps' Dark Mode inside of your vehicle, so it's something to be conscious of when driving. 

The dark mode theme turns the background of Google Maps dark grey on iOS, while the names and displays of locations appear in a lighter shade. All the colors are distinctive in nature and contrast with their digital surroundings, which makes it much easier to see on a range of iOS devices. It's currently in development but let's hope for a stable rollout sometime soon if you're not a member of the beta!

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