Google accidentally leaks new Nest cameras from its own store – and the whole internet saw

Google has now removed the leaks

Google Nest
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UPDATE: They're official! Google’s new Nest cameras and doorbell are bigger on features and lower on price

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Internet murmurings of late have been rife with speculation over Google’s next series of Nest security camera models, which are reportedly set to arrive later this year. An accidental leak, now since removed from the Google Store, shows a new Nest Doorbell and a trio of new Nest Cam models.

Sadly for Google, it didn’t quite manage to remove the items before visitors grabbed some screenshots of the upcoming hardware. The new Nest security camera range still hasn’t been officially announced by Google, but it certainly gives us a taste of what could be in store later this year.

If the leak holds to be true, we can expect a sum total of four new Nest models: that includes a new Nest Doorbell model and three unannounced Nest cam products. Despite being swiftly plucked away from Google's Connected Home page, visitors’ eyes got a brief glimpse of the new products listed on the Google Store's carousel, alongside a new header image. 

First caught by The Verge, the leaked products include a battery-powered Nest Doorbell, as well as a “battery-powered Nest Cam, a Nest Cam with floodlight, and a wired indoor Nest Cam model.”

9to5Google images of new Nest products

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Design-wise, the new video doorbell appears a lot more slender than the Nest Hello, featuring what appears to be a halo-looking circle of light that seems to be where a visitor presses to ring. This rejigged design looks sleeker than previous iterations, as Google trains its sights making the best video doorbell it possibly can. 

Apart from the images that were nabbed by 9to5Google, we don't have a whole lot more to go on right now, with any clickable links that existed on the page listings now simply redirecting to the Google Store’s home page. There's no information available around pricing or a potential release date, but this leak hiccup from Google seems to indicate that it can't be far away. As ever, we'll keep you posted when there's more info to hand.

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