Good news for 8K TV fans as this Samsung model drops under £2k

If you've been waiting to pull the trigger on a new 8K TV, now could be the time, as prices dip to near 4K levels

Samsung QN700B 8K TV
(Image credit: Future)

An 8K TV still feels like tomorrow's technology to me. They've been around for a while but due to their ultra-high prices – and lack of any real content – they've always seen a distant dream. 

But if you're planning on upgrading your TV, you might as well future-proof yourself and buy the very best technology. In that case, you should ignore the 4K models and pick up an 8K TV. 

Plus, right now among the best Black Friday deals, you can find 8K displays that are only a touch more than their 4K cousins. Scouring through the best TV deals, I discovered this 65-inch Samsung model that is now under £2k, which is a relative bargain for such a screen. 

You can find 55-inch 8K TVs for even less, but in my opinion, if you're going for 8K, you want to go bigger to really appreciate all those extra pixels. So, a 65-inch model is preferable, especially if you can find one at a good price. 

Samsung 65-inch QN700B 8K TV: was £2,499, now £1,999 at John Lewis

Samsung 65-inch QN700B 8K TV: was £2,499, now £1,999 at John Lewis
Save £500 – The QN700 is the slightly cheaper version of the QN900, with a lite version of the Neural Quantum Processor and object tracking sound, but still a very impressive TV.

Samsung 55-inch QN700B 8K TV: was £2,449, now £1,539 at Amazon

Samsung 55-inch QN700B 8K TV: was £2,449, now £1,539 at Amazon
Save 37% – The 55-inch version of the QN700 is another £460 cheaper, though you won't see as much of a benefit over 4K at this size.

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