Going back to school? These new kitchen appliances are affordable, versatile and ideal for student living

Impress your flat mates with a new George Foreman, Instant Pot rival and kettle

George Foreman Flexe Grill
(Image credit: George Foreman)

Are you a time-poor parent fretting about back to school time? Or, perhaps, a student who’s looking to maximise the likely limited eating and drinking potential of your new student digs? Well, here are three great new kitchen appliances that have, literally, just appeared on the shelves in time for all of that frantic new term, back to school action.

Alongside the best back to school deals 2021, which cover the likes of student laptops, cheap smartphones and even budget TVs, there’s always kitchen appliances to think about. After all, parents need an express lane route to getting out the door in the mornings and students need sustenance when they emerge from beneath the covers in readiness for another day of learning.

Which is where George Foreman’s new Flexe Grill, Morphy Richards‘ latest Hive kettle and Russell Hobbs’ very cool Good to Go Electric Multi-Cooker come into play. Three kitchen appliances that tick practically every eating and drinking box. They’re all compact and versatile too – ideal if you’re living in compact and under-stocked surroundings, as student accommodation often is.

George Foreman Grills Flexe Grill

If you’re looking for the freedom to grill food and enjoy a borderline barbecue experience the George Foreman Grills Flexe Grill is brand new for this year. 

It’s a neat variation on the familiar Foreman theme and can be used either open, or closed. Grilled sandwiches, kebabs, toasted paninis or just meat, fish and veg can all be cooked to perfection thanks to the 1800 watts of power. You even get those great grill lines that give your meals a bit of a pro edge. 

The Flexe Grill has the latest non-stick finish on its plates, meaning easier cleaning, which is a real bonus. Plus, there’s a drip tray for any oil or grease deposits. You can adjust the slant of the grill to ensure all fluids leave your ingredients, resulting in even tastier results.

George Foreman Grills Flexe Grill

George Foreman Grills Flexe Grill | Buy it for £49.99 at Amazon
Small but perfectly formed, this grill can be used closed or opens up via a 180-degree hinge to offer a more expansive cooking area. The George Foreman Grills Flexe Grill not only cooks food brilliantly but it's a bit of a looker too thanks to a stainless steel upper housing. Better yet, it can be stored vertically, so it'll be out of the way if you're stuck for space.

Morphy Richards Hive kettle

Morphy Richards 108271 Hive Kettle Black

(Image credit: Morphy Richards)

The Morphy Richards 108271 Hive model isn't just another kettle. Sure, it'll boil water with the best of 'em, and it looks super stylish too. However, the fab thing about this kettle is the way you fill it up. 

There's no lid lifting here, simply pour your water down through the top of the kettle and the natty way it's been designed means that all of the H2O goes straight in. No mess, no waste and no hassle either.

It's one of those brilliantly practical design ideas that make everyday tasks that little bit easier. 1.5 litre capacity, a 3kW rapid boil element, easy view water window and a limescale filter rounds it out. We love this thing.

Morphy Richards 108271 Hive Kettle Black |

Morphy Richards 108271 Hive Kettle Black |Buy it from Amazon for £31.99
Aside from it's super smart filling design, this is a kettle that's quick and easy to keep clean, boils water in suitably speedy fashion and, being a Morphy Richards should mean it'll last a good while too. The Hive kettle is also available in a range of cool colours, so if black isn't your thing head for white, cream or grey instead. 

Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker

Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker

(Image credit: Russell Hobbs)

The Russell Hobbs Good to Go Electric Multi-Cooker is a great addition for any household or student hangout. Why? Well, the name kinda gives it away as this one appliance can cook all sorts of dishes using just the one gadget. 

In fact, there are no less than 8 different cooking functions, which includes options to steam, fry, boil and slow cook just about any dish you fancy. Once you've done that you'll also be able to enjoy the dish when you want it with a handy keep warm function. If you're cooking for more than one you'll also love the capacity, which is around 6.5 litres, give or take the odd carrot or spud. 

There's a timer if you're no good at guesstimating the cooking duration of your preferred dinner recipe. Similarly, scorched fingers can be avoided thanks to a cool touch body and the pot is, thankfully, removable to assist you at serving time.

Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker |

Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker | Buy it for £79.99 at Argos
If you're looking for a quick and simple appliance that can do a lot of different things without the hassle then the Russell Hobbs Good to Go Electric Multi-Cooker ought to be on your radar. It delivers no less than 8 options: sear, roast, sous vide, slow cook, steam, rice, boil and keep warm. A 6.5 litre capacity means you'll have enough left over to feed family, friends or even complete strangers.

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