Gocycle provides a sneak peek at its upcoming F1-inspired family cargo e-bike

Rev up your family cycling adventures with Gocycle's latest cargo e-bike, featuring vibrant colours and innovative safety features

Gocycle CXi detail shot
(Image credit: Gocycle/Pexels/Johannes Plenio)

Gocycle is pedalling into uncharted territory with its latest creation, the CXi line of electric cargo bikes, veering off its usual automotive-inspired path like a cyclist on a winding road.

The company just released some more images of the upcoming people and cargo carrier, with the new safety features on full display.

First announced in February and set to roll onto the scene in September, the CXi promises to be the 'wheel deal', boasting a lightweight and foldable design capable of hauling up to 220kg – that's more cargo than a peloton of Tour de France riders!

Crafted from 'hydro-formed' 6061 T6 alloy and carbon fibre, this electric bike is as sturdy as a seasoned cyclist's quads and can carry up to 220kg while weighing just 23kg.

Powered by Gocycle's top-secret G4 drive hub motor, the CXi zips through city streets like a pro cyclist on a downhill stretch. With an electric range of 50 miles and a top speed of 20mph, it's perfect for those looking to 'spin' their way through urban jungles.

That said, the new e-cargo bike isn't just for serious cyclists – the CXi's FloFit handlebar system ensures a comfy ride for even the most 'bike-curious' commuters.

Compatible with the GocycleConnect smartphone app, users can customise settings and access additional features.

You can secure your bike by placing a fully refundable £499 / €499 / $499 deposit before the pre-order closes at the end of April. The Gocycle Family Cargo is priced at £5,999 / €6,999 / $6,999, with the first deliveries expected in September 2024.

For more information, visit Gocycle today.

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