Gocycle launches its biggest-ever Black Friday sale with huge savings on e-bikes

Bag a premium folding electric bike for much less this Black Friday

Gocycle Black Friday deals
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Have you got a Gocycle electric bike? If you do, you know they are amazing, portable, sleek-looking and powerful commuting machines. If you haven't, well, now is the time for you to buy one, as Gocycle just launched its biggest-ever Black Friday event with huge savings on award-winning G4 and G4i electric bike models. That's right; you can own one of the best electric bikes for up to $1,500/£800 less right now.

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"The Gocycle G4 is a wonderfully simple-to-use electric bike with a folding mechanism that’s a doddle to master. Performance is also impressive, while the handling and ride quality is surprisingly agile given the design. It looks fabulous, too, with one of the most distinctive styling jobs out there," we said in our Gocycle G4 review.

Gocycle G4i

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The Gocycle G4 provides a unique riding experience, thanks to the position of the motor unit at the front. While on most bikes, you're pushed by the hub at the rear, the Gocycle rather pulls you along, which might feel strange at first, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The dynamically delivered power setup works better than on some similar designs we've tried, and perhaps that’s down to the chunkier makeup of the frame and wheels. Whatever it might be, we think the Gocycle provides one of the most dynamic rides you can get from what is, after all, a folding bike.

Three drive modes keep things simple but effective, with City, Eco and custom options, meaning there’s something for any cycling occasion. Due to speed regulations in the UK, which means it is limited to the standard 15.5mph of electric assistance, the 250W power on tap never feels under pressure. There’s even a red boost button if you need the odd spurt of additional assistance.

Head over to Gocycle and save $1,500 on the G4i and $500 on the G4 in the US and £800 on the G4i and £600 on the G4 until 30 November in the UK. For more offers, check out T3's best Black Friday deals and best fitness deals roundups.

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