Gillette launches intimate shaving collection for personal male grooming

Stay safe while manscaping with the new Gillette Intimate collection

Gillette Intimate collection launch
(Image credit: Gillette)

Leading grooming brand, Gillette has just launched its new Intimate collection. Featuring four new products, the Gillette Intimate range is designed for easier, tidier and safer shaves ‘down there’.

Gillette is best known for its extensive catalogue of the best razors and the best shavers for both men and women. With more and more men deciding to shave more of their body and not just their face, Gillette found that around one in two men have injured themselves while grooming their intimate areas.

After further research, Gillette found that almost a third of UK men also groomed their privates with the same razor that they use on their face and two out of three use the same blade! Seeing a clear gap in the market, Gillette released its new Intimate collection in September 2023 to cater to these problems and offer a specific solution for this type of shaving and grooming.

Speaking about the new launch, Gillette Brand Director for UK & Ireland, Callum Wood says “more and more guys are grooming their intimate area but until today, Gillette didn’t offer products with purpose-built features for such a sensitive and complex job. Pubic hair is often coarser and curlier than elsewhere on the body, and the skin is thinner and more sensitive, meaning guys need to be able to trust the tools they’re using to get the job done when it really, really matters. Gillette Intimate does just that.”

The new Gillette Intimate collection is described as an end-to-end regimen and is made up of four new products. The first is the Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer i3 (£59.99), an electric waterproof shaving device that helps protect against cuts, snags and irritation.

With its SkinFirst cutting system, the shaver features a 40% smaller opening angle, wider and less pointy teeth tips, and closer teeth to ensure gentleness around sensitive areas and thinner skin. The Gillette Intimate i3 trimmer comes with a sensitive comb that fully shields the moving blade from touching the skin, which also reduces skin irritation or bulging in the cutting zone.

The second release is the Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer i5 (£89.99) which is similar to the i3 but comes with three attachments. The three combs provide a versatile shaving experience which is safe and allows you to trim with confidence. Both shaver options are cordless, and the i5 comes with a long lasting battery capable of running for 100 minutes on a single charge.

The last shaving product is the Gillette Intimate Hair Razor (£14.99). If you’re a fan of Gillette’s Flexball razors, this is the one for you. It features SimplePass technology, five anti-friction blades and extra lubrication for close comfortable shaves, and added protection. The Flexball handle adapts to the contours of the body and has been specifically designed with a wider flat handle tip for better control and balance.

Also launching with these three new body groomers is the Gillette Intimate Shave Cream + Cleanser which preps the skin for before, during and after shaving. The new Gillette Intimate collection is available now at Gillette and Boots.

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