Gillette and Razer team up to make a limited-edition razor... no seriously

The Razer-branded GilleteLabs with Exfoliating Bar has gone from prank to product

Razer-branded GilleteLabs with Exfoliating Bar
(Image credit: Razer / Future)

What was once an April Fool's joke has now become a reality, with razor manufacturer Gillette partnering with gaming electronics maker Razer for a limited edition safety razor. 

The Razer-branded GilleteLabs with Exfoliating Bar is designed for video game lovers looking to take their "level up" their shaving experience. Made up of five sharp blades that make up the head, it utilises built-in exfoliation technology to help release trapped hairs while the 2D flex-disc adapts to the specific contours on your face as you shave.

"We’ve been fans of Razer with its cutting-edge technology for a long time; it’s a brand that everyone recognizes in both gaming and technology," said Gillette global brand franchise leader Daniel Ordonez as part of the announcement. 

"We’re thrilled to elevate the shaving and gaming experience through this exciting venture, marking a new step for us in gaming culture. Men worldwide will enjoy our latest collaboration – the perfect combination of form, function, and design."

The idea originated from the Razer Razer, an April Fool's video that was uploaded by the US electronics firm earlier this year. That design was very different, being a gaming mouse that offered RGB lighting and ultra-sharp grooming at 360 follicles per second. Supposedly, this gained enough traction (the YouTube video has upwards of 400,00 views) that Razer and Gillette decided to collaborate to make a razer for real.

"We’ve been inundated with requests to design one. We’re excited to give our fans what they asked for,” explained Razer vice president, global head of marketing Ayesha Durante.

Looking at the design, it would be fair to assume that the collaboration simply puts the Razer acid green trademark as well as the company's name and snake logo on the GilleteLabs with Exfoliating Bar product that was first introduced in 2021. Having seen the product in person at Gamescom 2023, it's a slick design accompanied by vibrant colours that do pop more than your typical shaver. It's just a shame there's no RGB lighting or any lighting whatsoever that makes the partnership seem worth it.

"It's much more than a logo on a razor," Ordonez said in a statement provided to the Verge. He continued: "Both brands collaborated on design elements in a variety of ways to leverage each other’s strengths to create a unique and compelling product – bringing together and integrating the visual and brand identities from both partners – to develop the GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition product".

One good thing is that the handle is expected to be reusable for years (does come with a lifetime warranty) when looked after correctly with refillable razors that are designed to last longer, all with the aim of cutting down plastic waste. 

The GilleteLabs Razer Limited Edition is available in two different variants: one with a travel case and one without. The green metal tin also packages a magnetic travel stand, so the razer can stand tall and be protected on the go. 

Now available in the UK and US, the GilleteLabs Razer Limited Edition is available to purchase at an RRP of £29.99/around $30. If you fancy picking up one of the razors, head to Amazon to secure one while stock lasts.  

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