Gift guide: Foreo UFO 2 is the perfect Christmas gift for beauty gurus

This trendy tool offers light therapy for the face

Gift guide: Foreo UFO 2 is the perfect Christmas gift for beauty gurus
(Image credit: Foreo)

This year, the doors of spas and salons have largely remained shut, so what better present for a beauty fanatic than a gadget to perform treatments at home?

Foreo’s UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment is designed to ‘supercharge’ a pamper session by using light and heat. Users simply have to insert their favourite mask treatment into the lid and then choose from eight light settings, from stimulating red to antibacterial blue.

They can switch from cryotherapy (a cold treatment) to thermotherapy (a hot treatment) or swap from one type of light to another to make a tailormade treatment. 

The brand also makes vibrating face ‘brushes’ to give faces a thorough clean, but this is probably the hot ticket for beauty gurus this year.

Who's it for?

Teenagers: Most teenagers get hormonal spots and want them gone. Using the Foreo UFO 2, they could select blue LED light to blitz spots and stabilise oil production to prevent more. For the summer, there’s a yellow LED setting to soothe sunburn and cyan to calm stressed-out skin that might come in handy during exam time.

Beauty gurus: An accompanying app can teach users how to make the best of all the settings on the diminutive gadget. Each of the light settings can be used with either thermotherapy (that’s rumoured to boost absorption), cryotherapy which is meant to fight puffiness) or ‘T-Sonic waves’ to give the face a workout using 10,000 pulses per minute and ease tension. Beauty gurus will love getting to grips with all the settings and showing off all their new-found knowledge.

More mature women: The gadget has some great settings for women who are fighting signs of ageing. The red setting is designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to firm the skin and perhaps help smooth some fine lines and wrinkles (although this is a big claim), while the yellow LED is meant to lesson the appearance of rosacea and even skin tone. Green light is supposed to brighten the complexion and soften age spots, while white is designed to tighten, which everyone wants.

Christmas gifts

(Image credit: Foreo)

Age range:

There's no official age range for the Foreo UFO 2, although it is probably most suited to older teenagers and adults.

What makes it the ideal Christmas gift?

Appearance: The gadget packs quite a punch beneath its pretty and diminutive exterior. It’s designed to look good and be easy to use, plus it comes in a number of pleasing candy-coloured options.

Light treatments: The UFO 2 lets users treat their face with eight different colours of light, with each colour promising to do wonderous things for the skin. If someone you know is a frequent face mask user and spends a lot on skincare, facials or spa sessions, this will be right up their street.

Pulses and heat: As well as bathing skin in light, the Foreo UFO 2 lets users choose between hot and cold treatments. Flash Thermotherapy warms the face to 45˚C to help the absorption of creams and serums, while Flash Cryotherapy cools it to a chilly 5˚C to target puffiness, minimise pores and try and soothe inflammation. It also gives a user’s face a good workout using 10,000 sonic pulsations per minute, which the brand says massages the skin to relax tension.

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