Get £150 off a MacBook Air 15 in Amazon-beats-Apple lowest-price superdeal

The 15-inch MacBook Air is a stunning 5-star laptop and it's at its lowest current price on Amazon (or at Very) in this deal

When I reviewed the MacBook Air 15 I called this 5-star laptop "a big deal". Now that's no longer only due to its bigger stature, but also the fact that the 15-inch Air is indeed available as a low-price deal that undercuts the official Apple store's price. A double big deal then!

The price drop of just over £150 happened in November which, as I'm sure you'll know, is when the best Black Friday deals come out to play. This one is available as part of Amazon Black Friday Week, but you can also buy it from Very if that's your preferred retailer (as both are price-matched).

MacBook Air 15-inch:was £1399now £1249.97 on Amazon / at Very

MacBook Air 15-inch: was £1399, now £1249.97 on Amazon / at Very

The 15-inch MacBook Air's sell is simple: it's a MacBook Air, embodying everything typically slim, light and portable about that, only it's got a bigger screen (and bigger sound as an added bonus). For many that'll make it the big-screen MacBook of your dreams, because it's so much cheaper than the MacBook Pro line-up.

I've used the independent price-tracking site, CamelCamelCamel, to verify that the price drop is the lowest that the laptop has ever retailed for on Amazon and that is indeed true – its price has crawled down from £1399 in July and fluctuated up and down a little in the months since, before settling to its lowest during this month. 

The key spec of this MacBook Air 15 is that it comes with Apple's M2 silicon (the 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU), a 256GB SSD, and is available in a variety of colour options. While there are higher-spec versions that are configurable, I'm confident this baseline spec model will deliver strong for most people. 

It's that price drop that really sells it though. If I was on the market for a new MacBook right now then this would be my go-to option. I almost was in a position of needing to buy one after leaving my 13-inch MacBook Air on a plane from LAX to JFK last week, but thankfully for me the British Airways team in New York saved my bacon and, I suppose, my bank balance is now £1,250 better off because of their proactiveness...

Mike Lowe
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