Get $200 off Saatva mattresses in this hot early Memorial Day deal

Bag a $200 discount on this super popular mattress ahead of Memorial Day

Saatva discounts and deals: Saatva Classic Mattress
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Luxury mattress brand Saatva has launched an eye-catching deal ahead of Memorial Day. If you place an order from the Saatva website to the value of $1000 or more, you'll get a whopping $200 off on your entire cart at checkout. That's excellent value. You don't even need a code to claim; the saving will be applied automatically, and these mattresses are already great value for the quality you get (see our Saatva Classic mattress review for more on that).

This deal ends on the 25 May. Don't miss it! (For more savings, and details of the mattresses available, check out our Saatva mattress deals and discounts article, or browse the best cheap mattress deals live now).

This Saatva discount applies to whatever you want to buy – the total just needs to come to over $1000. Saatva boasts 5 different, top-quality mattresses. The least expensive is Saatva's Classic Mattress, which combines a coil-on-coil innerspring system, an eco-friendly foam layer and comfortable Euro pillow top. 

Alternatively, you can upgrade with the likes of memory foam, extra large sizing or – the option that really caught our eye – Saatva's Solaire Mattress, which features air pockets that allow you to alter the firmness at the touch of a button. There's also the Saatva HD, one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

Worried about buying without trying it out? Don't be. Saatva offers a generous 120-night home trial of your new mattress (so you can make sure it's the best mattress for you) and a bountiful 15-year warranty. See how it compares to the luxury hybrid competition in our DreamCloud vs Saatva showdown.

Saatva is especially popular as it allows you to pick your firmness for each mattress type, tailoring it to your specific sleep preferences. The other thing we like about Saatva is the sheer amount of advice on the website prior to purchase. If you're not sure what size, style or solidity you need from your new mattress, you'll find a wealth of hints, tips and explainer videos to help you choose.

But remember that this Saatva mattress discount has a shelf life: it ends 25 May. You'll need to get your order in before then to get that sweet $200 off.


Saatva Memorial Day deal | Shop the Classic mattress
Saatva’s flagship Classic hybrid innerspring mattress combines the cool, responsive support of a coil-on-coil innerspring system with the luxurious comfort of Saatva’s Euro pillow top. You can choose between three firmness levels: plush soft, luxury firm (medium, chosen by 80% of customers) and firm.

Saatva Memorial Day deal |Shop the Loom & Leaf mattress

Saatva Memorial Day deal |Shop the Loom & Leaf mattress
Saatva’s ultra-premium memory foam mattress contours to your body to give pressure relief where you need it the most. And if you've heard that memory foam isn't ideal for those who get hot at night, it has gel-infused, breathable foam to keep you cool when you sleep.

Saatva Memorial Day deal | Shop the Zenhaven mattress

Saatva Memorial Day deal | Shop the Zenhaven mattress
The Zenhaven is made from 100% natural Talalay Latex. The five-zone Talalay layer provides firmer support right where you need it, plus it’s naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and free of harmful chemicals.

Saatva Memorial Day deal | Shop the Saatva HD mattress

Saatva Memorial Day deal | Shop the Saatva HD mattress
This luxury hybrid innerspring mattress is designed for people weighing 300 to 500 pounds. It boasts plush upper layers and a supportive coil base, and comes in a medium firm comfort level that’s suited for every type of sleeper.

Saatva Memorial Day deal | Shop the Solaire mattress

Saatva Memorial Day deal | Shop the Solaire mattress
Need customizable comfort? Choose the Solaire mattress for true luxury. Saatva says it’s the most precise bed ever made. It comes with six luxurious layers of comfort and 50 firmness options you can adjust at the touch of a button. For those who don't mind paying that bit extra for the perfect night's sleep.

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