DreamCloud vs Saatva: Which mattress brand is the best?

DreamCloud and Saatva both make excellent premium hybrid mattresses – T3 put the two brands head-to-head to help you choose

DreamCloud vs Saatva mattress
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DreamCloud and Saatva both offer some of the best mattresses around. And they're particularly known for their premium hybrid mattresses. So if you feel like you’re trapped or sinking when you lie on a memory foam mattress, but find the inconsistent support of a sprung mattress uncomfortable, they’re very much worth investigating. 

In this article, we’ll compare the Saatva Classic mattress with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress (head to our DreamCloud review and our Saatva Classic mattress review for more on each model individually). Both are hybrid mattresses constructed from a mixture of pocketed coils and foam, with a soft and bouncy pillow-top, and are in truth they're pretty similar in terms of quality and finish. So we'll focus on the small but important details that will help you choose between them.

One quick tip before we start: if you're thinking of purchasing from either brand, head to our guides to the best DreamCloud deals and discount codes or Saatva mattress promo codes and coupons first, to ensure you don't miss a bargain.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Design

While both mattresses combine springs and foam, they each do so in a very different way. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is a bed-in-a-box mattress made up of five layers, beginning with a top cover made of quilted foam and cashmere. Then comes two thin layers of gel memory foam and poly foam, followed by an 8-inch layer of individually wrapped coils. Finally, a poly foam base provides a layer of support. The whole thing adds up to a generous depth of 14 inches.

While the Saatva mattress utilises similar materials in its construction, it couldn’t be put together in more of a different way. First comes the Euro pillow top, encased in an organic cotton cover, treated with a botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment and finished with a damask bronze trim. Below that lies two separate layers of coils. The first contains 884 individually wrapped, 14.5-gauge coils, while the lower base unit boasts 416 tempered steel, 13-gauge support coils. These coiled layers work together to offer zoned support. 

Unlike the DreamCloud, The Saatva comes in a choice of depths (11.5 or 14.5 inches) and a selection of softness levels: Plush Soft (3), Luxury Firm (5-7) and Firm (8). It's also proudly manufactured in the USA, and is a full mattress, not a bed-in-a-box. 

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Comfort and firmness

What do the different designs of these two hybrid mattresses mean in practice for the customer? If we had to generalise, we’d say the DreamCloud feels a little closer to a memory foam mattress, and that the Saatva feels a little closer to a sprung mattress. Don’t get us wrong: they’re still very much hybrid mattresses, but there’s a bit more bounce in the latter, and a bit more of a floating feel (suitably enough) in the former. These are subtle differences, but perceptible nonetheless. 

In particular, the zoned support in the Saatva makes it a better bet for side sleepers, or people who weigh more than 240 pounds, while the DreamCloud is better suited for stomach sleepers, and its gel-infused layer works brilliantly for people who tend to overheat at night.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Price

Saatva classic mattress

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The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid starts at £949 in the UK and $839 in the US. The Saatva Classic is a little pricier at $1,295, but sales are happening all the time for both brands, so that might have changed by the time you read this.

To help you out, our price widgets below show you the very latest deals to be had. They’re automatically updated daily, so keep checking back if you’re looking for a bargain.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: The small print

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress review

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Both DreamCloud and Saatva seem keen to get your business, because as well as competitive prices, they offer a number of customer-enticing policies when it comes to delivery and refunds. All Saatva mattresses come with a 15-year warranty. You can also benefit from free white glove delivery of your mattress, and free mattress and foundation removal of up to two items from your home. They’ll remove further items for a charge of $19.50 per item. Note, though, that Saatva does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

Saatva offers a 180-night trial period and you can return your mattress at any time during this period for exchange or refund. However, do be aware they charge a $99 return fee for this. On the plus side, once an exchange has been conducted, you get a new 180 day trial period. 

DreamCloud doesn’t offer free white glove delivery, but it does offer free shipping to the contiguous United States, and within Hawaii or Alaska for a fee of $150. Plus in contrast to Saatva, returns are free. The trial period is also more than twice as long at 365 days. You do, however, have to give your mattress at least 30 days before return it, unless it’s unopened. Another impressive offer is a lifetime warranty against damage for normal use, as long as you’ve used your mattress correctly and treated it well. How does that work? For the first 10 years, your mattress will be replaced at no cost. After 10 years, you’ll get either a repair or replacement, but you’ll have to pay a shipping fee of $50 each way. If a manufacturing defect is detected, though, this fee will be refunded.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Which one should I buy?

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There’s no easy way to say that either the Saatva Classic mattress or the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is a better mattress overall. Both are high quality, well constructed mattresses that do a great job of avoiding both the sinking feeling of pure memory foam and the inconsistent level of support many experience with purely sprung mattresses. 

Each, however, is constructed in a very different way, and so choosing between them is largely a case of whether you prefer more of a memory foam or sprung feel to your mattress. There’s also the matter of firmness: the DreamCloud is a touch above medium firm, but if that’s not right for you then the Saatva offers three levels of firmness, so you have more leeway to pick the one that matches you best.

New to hybrid mattresses and not sure about what you want at all? Then we’d recommend you opt for the DreamCloud, as their more generous trial period and free returns policy means you can try before you buy with the minimum of expense and hassle. Alternatively, if you like the idea of having your mattress hand-delivered to the room of your choice, set up, and having your old one removed, that may tip you in favour of Saatva. Also bear in mind that because it's not a bed in a box, you won't need to wait for it to inflate. 

Finally, if none of these considerations really move the needle for you, then it’s probably best to just compare on price, as these mattresses are very similar in quality. And with the number of discounts and special offers both companies are constantly putting out, you’re sure to find the price that suits your budget.

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