GCHQ canyoucrackit puzzle to have hidden layer?

Code breakers believe there is another code as yet, uncracked

While the initial set of codes have been broken, code breakers and hackers believe there may be one last piece of the puzzle to solve in GCHQ's site

GCHQ's canyoucrackit.co.uk website may have more than meets the eye, or at least that's what code breakers believe after having solved what was initially thought to be the only puzzles on the site.

After having cracked it once, Amatuer Code Breaker John Graham-Cumming believes that there is yet more to be solved on the website having found what he believes to be non-random code at the last stage of completing the challenge.

Having taken the web by storm, this unorthodox selection method was set up to find the best code breakers in the country and potentially recruit them into GCHQ.

Since then the site has shown a slogan saying 'The challenge continues' however GCHQ has been entirely unforthcoming about what this entails, for now though we'll have to wait and see whether this is all a game of smoke and mirrors or if the site does actually have secrets yet to be uncovered.

Source: The Register