Garmin's new ebike-friendly Edge Explore 2 cycling computer comes with a 16-hour battery life

The easy-to-use GPS cycling navigator is aimed at casual riders and works exceptionally well with electric bikes

Garmin announces Edge Explore 2 cycling computer
(Image credit: Garmin)

A month after the US-based brand announced its Edge 1040 cycling computer, Garmin is back with yet another release, the Garmin Edge Explore 2, a cycling computer aimed at casual riders and especially ebike users that shuns hardcore training features and focuses on user experience and convenience. Not to mention, it's supposed to have a 16-hour battery life!

The Edge Explore 2 – especially the Edge Explore 2 Power Mount Bundle – seems like the best bike computer option for electric bikes and hopefully will be more useful than the Garmin Varia RCT715. Actually, we're pretty sure it will be as the Edge Explore 2 is cheaper than the top-of-the-line Garmin GPS units and makes it easy even for beginner riders to understand what's going on on the screen.

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Speaking of the RCT715: the Edge Explore 2 is compatible with the Varia devices, including the new Varia RCT715. The new bike computer has up to 16 hours of battery life (24 hours in battery saver mode) and comes preloaded with Garmin cycle maps so "riders can view popular roads and trails, high-traffic areas and searchable points of interest", Garmin explains.

But back to ebikes. ebike riders using their compatible ebike and Edge Explore 2 will see a dedicated ebike status screen showing battery life and also receive navigation guidance and alerts based on battery status, assist level and the preplanned course. Plus, the new Edge Power Mount – included with the Edge Explore 2 Power Mount Bundle – lets riders constantly charge their cycling computer with their compatible bike.

Although the Garmin Edge Explore 2 ditches some of the most diehard training features found on the flagship models, it still has plenty of functionality to keep riders happy. These include preloaded ride profiles (road, off-road and indoor), Trendline popularity maps, turn-by-turn navigation and alerts and ClimbPro (which lets riders see the remaining ascent and grade for each climb when following a course).

Garmin announces Edge Explore 2 cycling computer

(Image credit: Garmin)

When paired with a compatible smartphone, the Edge Explore 2 lets cyclists and their riding companions – who are also using compatible Garmin devices – keep an eye on each other and stay in touch, even when they fall out of sight via the GroupTrack and group messaging features. Moreover, if an incident is detected during a ride, the Edge Explore 2 series will automatically send a message with the cyclist’s location to preselected emergency contacts.

The Edge Explore 2 has a suggested retail price of $299.99/£249.99/AU$499 and is available to buy now in the US, UK and AU.

The Edge Explore 2 Power Mount Bundle, with included Edge Power Mount, has a suggested retail price of $399.99/£339.99. The Edge Power Mount can also be purchased separately for £109.99. Estimated availability of the Power Mount bundle in the US is 5-8 weeks. AU availability is TBC.

Visit Garmin US / Garmin UK / Garmin AU for more information.

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