Garmin watch users are about to get some cool free feature updates

Enduro 2, epix (Gen 2), Fenix 7 series, Forerunner series, Instinct 2 series and MARQ (Gen 2) users are in for a treat

Garmin Enduro 2
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Garmin just can't help themselves these days. After launching the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro wearables, the company today announced a new update coming to many of the best Garmin watches, including the Garmin Enduro 2, Garmin Epix Gen 2, Fenix 7 series, Forerunner series, Instinct 2 series and MARQ (Gen 2) models. That's a lot of watches!

One of the new features introduced to the above watches is Wrist-Based Running Dynamics, which we first saw included on the Garmin Forerunner 965. This measures running dynamics such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and more right from the wrist without any app or accessory.

You also get Load Ratio to track short-term to mid-term load ratio to "help stay in shape and avoid setbacks," Garmin explains. A new Obstacle Racing Activity has also been added to the ever-expanding list of workout modes on Garmin wearables. The new mode tracks run time, number of obstacles, heart rate and more during obstacle course events and records split times between running and obstacle sections while racing.

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Suggested cycling workouts are coming to more Garmins

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The company has also improved acclimation measurements and recommendations, which now you can watch as a percentage and receive insights on how the body is reacting to the current elevation.

It's not just Apple that started paying more attention to cyclists. The new Garmin software update includes targeted adaptive coaching for cycling. You can now receive an entire week of daily suggested cycling workouts directly on a compatible smartwatch (when paired with a compatible power meter). Plus, the workouts adapt to match your performance and the demands of upcoming events that are added to their Garmin Connect calendar.

The free software updates have already started to roll out to compatible devices. You can update your smartwatch by enabling automatic updates from your device and syncing with Garmin Connect or by using Garmin Express. 

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