Garmin wants you to replace your Rolex or Omega with its new Marq smartwatch

They cost up to £2,250, with different models for those with a passion for flying, racing, sailing, exploring or fitness

Garmin Marq

Garmin has just announced a new collection of connected tool watches which are made using traditional watch manufacturing techniques but equipped with an array of smart features.

The collection is comprised of the Marq Aviator, Marq Driver, Marq Captain, Marq Expedition and Marq Athlete, each designed and engineered for those inspired by their passion in flying, racing, sailing, exploring and fitness. 

All of them are attractive, chunky timepieces aimed at replacing your traditional timepiece.

Each watch is built from titanium, which is lightweight, yet incredibly strong, and features a domed sapphire crystal display for ultimate scratch resistance.

Each watch has its own character, but all feature an always-on "sunlight-readable" display, GPS and advanced sensors like wrist-based heart rate and wrist-based pulse oxygen to track a wide variety of sports.

It also provides built-in music storage, Garmin Pay, notifications and advanced activity tracking for everyday use. 

Battery life ranges from 12 days in smartwatch mode to 28 hours in GPS Mode and up to 48 hours in "UltraTrac" mode.   

Check out the Marq collection below:

MARQ Aviator

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The Marq Aviator is a classic GMT-style watch, with combination of brushed titanium and a polished black ceramic 24 hour-bezel. It's complemented by an aviation inspired multi-link titanium bracelet with “swept wing” design and micro adjustment which is comfortable on the wrist for in-flight wear and transitions to a stylish timepiece out of the cockpit, too. The GMT bezel gives pilots quick access to multiple timezones, plus two additional time zones represented through local airport codes on the watch face. The Aviator also comes with dedicated aviation features including maps with airport details and advanced safety features such as Direct-To-Navigation, Nexrad Weather Radar, a worldwide airport database and Garmin cockpit integration.

MARQ Expedition

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Inspired by vintage expedition instruments, the Expedition features a 360° compass bezel, analogue style barometric scales on its watch face and a vegetable tanned, Italian vacchetta leather strap. The tough strap has been debossed on the back in order to provide suppleness and comfort from the first moment on. Its waxed stitching seals the thread from moisture, preventing fraying over time. Created with the modern explorer in mind, the Expedition features TOPO mapping, built-in auto calibrating altimeter, barometer and compass. It's also compatible with the inReach Mini satellite communicator. Wireless unit-to-unit connectivity allows the owner to remotely control the inReach Mini device to send and receive messages from everywhere in the world from the smartwatch. Its new expedition mode allows adventurer to track safely over several weeks, wherever their way may take them.

MARQ Captain

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For those drawn to the water, the Captain features a rich nautical colour theme with a deep blue ceramic regatta timer bezel and a captivating innovative nylon strap. Woven in the south of France with an elaborated jacquard weaving process, it allows for blending three blue tones into a unique vivid pattern that supports the rich marine character of this timepiece. The band is crafted for exceptional performance in salt water environments and its tightly woven yarn is laser cut and forged into metal keepers to finish off a modern and sleek look. The Captain is a great help on deck with innovative sailing features that make a real difference during a regatta; like virtual starting line, time to burn and tack assist. The watch face shows current wind speed, temperature and tide information at the homeport, letting the mariner decide if conditions are right for a day on the water.

MARQ Driver

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Pre-loaded with over 250 famous race tracks around the world, the Driver is built for the car enthusiast. Its adrenaline infused red and carbon grey racing theme is reflected in each detail of this racing watch; like the DLC coated case, the brushed ceramic tachymeter-bezel or the hybrid bracelet, a carbon grey titanium shell on the outside for a sleek and refined look, with red silicon inner links for better comfort and flex in the heat of the cockpit. On the race track it reveals its true nature by featuring automated time keeping of a drivers lap performance, auto lap splits, live delta time and or a track timer. The Track Timer lets the owner time monitor cars from the outlines of a race track. It automatically calculates their average speed and indicates it on the tachymeter scale of the bezel, to experience track racing performance to its fullest.

MARQ Athlete

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The bezel proudly presents what matters most to athletes, such as V02 max and recovery time, all visible at a glance to the wrist. Additionally, the Athlete includes advanced running dynamics to further track workout stats, measure progress and fine-tune form. With sensors for various biometrics, athletes can gain additional insights as to their body’s performance. MARQ Athletes provides the perfect toolset for any competition and fashions a winning attitude every day.

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The Marq series is available in UK today, with prices ranging from £1,399.99 to £2,249.99.