Garmin launches new Tacx NEO Bike Plus smart exercise bike

It offers a more realistic road feel, simulated gradients and enhanced virtual shifting

Garmin launches Tacx NEO Bike Plus smart indoor bike
(Image credit: Garmin)

As the weather gets cold, people will move their cycling efforts indoors very soon, so it's no surprise that Garmin announced its new smart exercise bike, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus, exactly now. Impeccable timing, Garmin! An update to the Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer, the new Tacx NEO Bike Plus is said to have a realistic road feel, offer simulated gradients and enhanced virtual shifting.

Fully adjustable, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus can quickly be customised to match the fit of an outdoor bike and is designed to be used by multiple athletes in the household. Additionally, when paired with the Tacx Training app, you can get access to structured workouts, participate in pro rides and ride the immersive Tacx films with courses around the world.

“With accurate performance metrics, a customisable design and access to hundreds of training films from around the world with the Tacx Training app, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus is here to help you ride epic routes, climb those gruelling ascents and get your miles in year-round – all from your own home”, said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales.

The Tacx NEO Bike Plus, which is essentially a lovechild of the best turbo trainers and best exercise bikes, can mimic the feel of jumping into a different gear with the tap of a finger thanks to redesigned programmable shifters for SHIMANO, SRAM or Campagnolo. The updated frame allows you to feel different surfaces, like cobblestones and gravel when paired with the Tacx Training app or compatible 3rd party apps.

Providing accurate power measurement within 1%, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus is one of the most silent indoor bikes available, all the while being able to produce up to 2,200 watts of power. It can also realistically simulate inclines up to a 25% gradient and features a 4.5-inch integrated display and two USB chargers. Available soon in select locations, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus has a suggested retail price of $4,100/£3,500/AU$6,100. To learn more about the Tacx NEO Bike Plus, visit Garmin US, Garmin UK or Garmin AU today.

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