Garmin Camper 890 is the ultimate sat-nav for outdoor explorers

New sat-nav system boasts smart features designed specifically for camping and caravanning

Garmin Camper 890
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin has a new addition in its range of sat-navs, and this one is aimed specifically at those who love camping and caravanning trips. Garmin is already a big player when it comes to producing the best sat navs, but this one looks a little different – the Camper 890 comes with custom routing to make sightseeing simple, and a new trip planning feature that's preloaded travel content – including Trip Advisor.

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An extra-large, 8-inch, high-resolution display can be used in portrait or landscape mode, making it easier to oversee your route (and spot any interesting detours that might take your fancy). Bluetooth hands-free calling enables you to safely stay in contact on long journeys, and a revamped voice command means you won't need to take your eyes off the road on tricky routes.

The Camper 890 comes complete with different mounting options – including a powered magnetic mount with heavy-duty suction cup, screw-down mount, and a ball adapter – so you can be sure to get it securely attached and in place, whatever you're driving. 

Of course, there's also all the core navigation features you'll find in Garmin's legacy Camper sat-navs. That includes a feature that takes into account the size and weight of your vehicle when planning routes, so you won't find yourself trying to navigate your way up a narrow, steep track in your monster campervan – sharp curves and steep routes all come with warnings. 

To make your trip even smoother, there's a built in, filterable directory of trailer parks, campsites and free stop-over places, as well as preloaded points of interest, complete with TripAdvisor ratings. The new Garmin 890 comes preloaded with a full Europe map, and you can also download additional maps of North America, South America, the Middle East and North Africa, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for free at Garmin Express.

 The Camper 890 MT-S is available to buy now, for an RRP of £479.99. Find out more on the Garmin website.

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