Future Samsung Galaxy watches could have a built-in projector

The function would allow users to project onto parts of their body or other surfaces for a larger "screen"

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 review images
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If you love smartwatches but don't fancy an Apple Watch, chances are you've stumbled across the Samsung Galaxy Watch range. Just as the iPhone goes toe-to-toe with top Samsung phones, the Galaxy Watch has earned a reputation as the top-peg smartwatch for Android users.

Now, it looks like future generations of the Galaxy Watch range could have a crazy-sounding feature. According to a patent unearthed by SamMobile, a next generation version of the device could have a projector built-in.

It's not quite as cool as the Jedi apparition that initially sprung to my mind, but it's not far off. Based on the patent images, the projection would be made from the watch case onto a larger part of your body, like a hand. This would allow users to view media in a larger size, without needing a gargantuan watch face.

According to the report, the technology could be used to amplify what is seen on the display, or show different things entirely. That could be great for viewing pictures and videos, which can often be distorted or tough to view on a smaller watch face.

It would also allow smartwatch manufacturers to offer smaller watches, without fear of limiting functionality. The watch world has been trending towards smaller dials for a few years now, but smartwatches, eager to balance fashionable looks with functionality, have struggled to keep up. 

Take the Apple Watch Ultra, for instance, which features a whopping 49mm case. It's great for getting more out of the watch face itself, but unless you have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's going to look big. This ability to amplify the size of the display could allow for smaller smartwatches, without losing that functionality.

At the moment though, these are just patents. There's no indication of when – or indeed, if – this technology will ever see the light of day. We'll certainly be keeping our eyes out for any further developments, though.

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