Home exercise: MORE than 20 home workouts, apps and virtual challenges for FREE, incl. Fitbit Premium and MoveGB

Get fit indoors with the best free online classes, free apps and challenges available for everyone now

FREE online fitness classes and apps
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Being stuck indoors shouldn't stop you from working out and exercising, especially since many app developers, online fitness instructors and celebrities made their apps and programs available for free. Maybe not forever but for the time being for sure. As well exercising regularly, we also have a separate article about how to lose weight at home, or at least keep the weight gain at bay, when you have limited motivation to work out.

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And since it seems like we are going to be in lockdown for a bit, it's important to be more mindful about your body, let it be a structured exercise regime or keeping the calories (and snacks) at bay. It is more important than ever to cook and to keep your body – and yourself – as healthy as possible. Who knows, you might end up liking the results and stick to the new lifestyle you developed in isolation.

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Here are the list of all the best apps, app trials, free classes you can do now if you're stuck in self-isolation and would like to do some home exercises.

Get fit at home with T3

Fitbit Premium

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1. Fitbit Premium – extended free trial period for 90 days

• Sign up for the free 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium today

With Fitbit Premium, you can access all the advanced features the Fitbit App has to offer, including mindfulness training and guided meditations, audio and video workouts, advanced sleep tools, personalised insights and guided fitness programs too. Normally the trial ends after a month but due to the special circumstances we live in now, the trial period has been extended to a 90 days. Good times!

Read more about all the Fitbit Premium features here: Fitbit's response to the coronavirus – FREE Fitbit Premium subscription for 90 days

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2. MoveGB – new 'Move At Home' platform for £1 per week

• Sign up for MoveGB's Move At Home for £1 today (free to existing MoveGB members)

Move At Home offers live-streamed classes from MoveGB independent instructors and on-demand workouts from top trainers from around the world. Existing MoveGB members will have access to these features as part of their membership at no extra cost. Move At Home is also available to new members from £1 per week, offering on-demand workouts as well as pay-as-you-go live-streamed classes (many instructors are offering free taster sessions).

During the ongoing pandemic, MoveGB is supporting NHS staff by offering them Move At Home for free.

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3. lululemon – free live yoga, workout and meditation classes

• Follow the live workouts on lululemon's Instagram account

• Check out lululemon's free Content Hub

Lululemon is hosting free meditations, yoga classes and workouts through its Instagram account every day. The schedule is posted there too, so if you are after some live exercising at home, better check the channel out. Lululemon also has a Content Hub with tons of free videos and articles about yoga, meditation and more.

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5. SportsShoes.com – Instagram Live series for runners

• Follow the SportsShoes Instagram channel for free workouts for runners

SportsShoes IG Live video series include home recipes, workouts and mental health tips specifically aimed at keeping runners’ health and well-being up during these unusual times. Next week's (w/c 6 April) schedule includes a 15-minute stretching session with Karen Hauer from Strictly Come Dancing and a 10-minute full-body strength workout from professional rugby player Keegan Hirst. Full schedule can be found here.

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6. Vivobarefoot Health Broadcast – regular fitness and wellbeing sessions

• Check all #vivobarefoothealthbroadcast content on Instagram

• Check out the Vivobarefoot Youtube channel for fresh content

The Vivobarefoot Health Broadcast will bring together fitness and wellness coaches to share regular tips, tricks and natural life hacks to "keep your feet, body and indoor lifestyle wild and healthy".

Featuring the likes of Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Ross Edgley, Laura Try and Ed Stafford amongst many others – and supplemented by Vivobarefoot’s internal team experts – the minimalist shoe manufacturer will upload at least 15 videos across its social media platforms in the coming weeks. Longer-form bi-weekly videos will appear on its YouTube channel, with bitesize tips posted on its other social media platforms. All for free!

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7. LTA – tennis at home activities for kids (and parents)

• Check out the LTA Home Activities hub here

The LTA – the National Governing Body of tennis for Great Britain – has pulled together 12 fun exercises the whole family can play at home. Judging by the videos, having a decent sized garden would definitely help but even if don't have access to a self-contained outdoor area, you can still find many activities to do indoors on the LTA Home Activities page.

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8. Run-around-the-world Camaraderie Challenge – free registration and prize draws

• Join the Camaraderie Challenge for free here

Try something different with the Camaraderie Challeng: Nathan Sports, Merrell, and Trail Sisters have set up a virtual collective race around the globe, where participants contribute their miles until they reach 24,901 – the circumference of Earth. Every distance counts, whether it's 10K trail run or walking circles around your kitchen. There is a one-time $5 suggested donation to register (can also donate any amount of your choice), which will go to the CDC Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.  A fun way to feel to be part of a community, even if it's only a virtual one.

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9. #Crockfit HomeFit 1 plan – 12 week body transformation training training and nutrition plan for £0.99

• Sign up for the #Crockfit HomeFit 1 plan for £0.99

HomeFit 1 is the first 12-week plan in the HomeFit 1-Year Plan. It is an online 12 week body transformation training and nutrition plan which has beed designed for people who prefer exercising at home. You don’t need any equipment, just your body and a strong mindset. Perfect for gaining strength, fitness, muscle as well as reducing body fat.

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Zwift Run

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10. Zwift run – free to use

• Sign up for Zwift Run for free

In case you aren't familiar with it, Zwift is an app for cyclists and runners where you can cycle/run in virtual worlds along other Zwifters, aka other users of the app, in real time, using a tablet, a TV or any other screen that can show apps. Better still, unlike the cycling version, Zwift Run is free to use so if you have access to a treadmill, all you have to do is get one of the Zwift Run Pods and you can devour the miles online.

Even better still, there is a fun event coming up: the Zwift Prehistoric Rush will pit T-rexes against T-rexes, in a fun, non-violent way.

Hoka One One Cavu 3 workout shoes | Buy it directly from Hoka for £105

Hoka One One Cavu 3 workout shoes | Buy it directly from Hoka for £105
100% vegan, the Hoka Cavu 3 works is perfect for running and HIIT workouts too.  These lightweight exercise shoes have an adaptive stretch knit upper with zonal perforations for increased breathability. The Cavu 3 also features Hoka's signature thick sole for extra bounce and energy return.

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11. Asics Studio – free to use

• Download Asics Studio and start working out today for free

Asics has removed the paywall from its Asics Studio app so you can download and use it for free. We aren't sire if the app will stay free to use after the quarantine or not but it is free to at the moment for sure. There are plenty of guided workouts to choose from, including strength training, yoga, mindfulness and cardio machine workouts. You can further filter the results based on what body part you would like to work on and what equipment you have in your home gym. 

Under Armour / MyFitnessPal

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12. MyFitnessPal – unlocked select premium features

• Download the MyFitnessPal for free and access premium features

MyFitnessPal has temporarily unlocked select premium features that are now accessible to everyone in the app, including new recipe collections, such as "Pantry Staples" (easy to make recipes using common pantry items), a "Support Your Immune System" plan (a 14-day plan with daily tips and tasks to build immunity) and all workout routines, developed by the UA Human Performance Team and easily done at home.


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13. Endeavour – extended 8 week free trial

• Try Endeavour's 'lockdown friendly home workouts' today, extended 8-week free trial

Endeavour is providing structure and routine to the lives of men in social isolation with an online roadmap that combines food, movement and mindset coaching. The roadmap "has been built to rewrite modern masculinity, to address mental health and encourage men to invest in their wellbeing." 


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14. Auro – extended one-month free trial period

• Sign up for Auro for free, extended trial period (one-month)

Auro have developed a new motivational audio fitness app which provides hundreds of workouts, personalised for the user by recommending suitable classes based on your fitness level and goals. All of Auro’s classes are on-demand, so all that is required is a set of running headphones or a bluetooth speaker and a smartphone. Classes can also be downloaded in advance, too.

Auro also offers a 50% discount to all NHS staff who sign up as well as free Facebook live sessions on the Auro page with weekly home based workouts that require very minimal kit. The live streams are on Tuesdays at 6pm. There is also free content on the Auro YouTube channel, including all the free weekly workouts.


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15. Peloton – extended free trial period for 90 days

• Sign up for Peloton, free for 90 days

Peloton is getting ever so popular, thanks to the literal hundreds of pre-recorded classes in its library and the live classes it provides. To get the most out of the Peloton App, you will need an exercise bike or a treadmill but if you have one, trying out the Peloton app for 90 days for free is an absolute no brainer.


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16. Sufferfest – extended one-month free trial for new users

• Sign up for Sufferfest, extended one-month trial period (use the code 'ALLINSUFPLAN')

Sufferfest is one of the best indoor cycling apps, along with Zwift. But it's not just cycling anymore! In response to the you-know-what, Sufferfest launched new four-week “All In” training plans that are completely indoor-based and place increased emphasis on yoga, strength, and mental training. Each indoor plan offers a different focus – cycling, multisport, cross-training – while incorporating sessions from The Sufferfest yoga and strength training video library. 

Orangetheory Fitness

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17. Orangetheory Fitness – free Instagram Live classes, three times a day

• Check out Orangetheory Fitness London' Instagram account and livestream free daily workouts

During the week, Orangetheory Fitness coaches will be streaming the at-home workouts at 8am, 12.30pm and 5.30pm. At the weekend, they’ll be streaming one at-home workout at 10am. The coaches at OTF are all professional PTs so your home health is in good hands with them!


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18. Obé – free one-month trial

• Try Obé's live and on-demand fitness classes at home, free for month

Obé, a streaming fitness platform that offers unlimited access to daily live and 4,000+ on-demand classes for $27/month, is giving a free month subscription to any members in quarantine. There are over 100 live classes every week, the best way to bring the buzz of your HIIT classes to your living room.


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19. MyZone – free Myzone Master trainer virtual workouts

• Check out MyZone's Facebook and Instagram page and follow the live workouts twice a day

Myzone is currently running free Myzone Master trainer virtual workouts for all – the Master Trainer team performs two daily live 30-minute workouts that users can do from anywhere. The workouts use your bodyweight only, so viewers just need a little space in their homes to move about.

If you want to enhance your workout, feel free to purchase the Myzone smart fitness tracker which is 99.4% accurate and allows you to see live heart rate feedback to ensure you're getting the most out of their workout.

The body coach

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20. Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) – free daily PE classes for kids

• Check out Joe Wicks' Youtube channel – free PE classes daily at 9 am, Monday to Friday

Joe Wicks was pretty famous already thanks to his 'Body Coach program' but he became all the rage for all the mums in the UK (and elsewhere) recently thanks to his 'free PE class for kids' Youtube videos, which he posts daily at 9 am since 23 March, from Monday to Friday. The videos are also available to watch now, albeit not live, of course. Joe also has a paid program on his website, in case you are interested.

Starks Fitness

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21. Starks Fitness – free daily online workout classes

• Check out Starks Fitness' Instagram channel

Starks Fitness is a boutique Bristol based gym group and fitness brand, co-founded by James Stark. James is a former Men's Health cover star and has over 10 years of personal coaching experience training the likes of Ben Shephard, Carol Vorderman, Alex Beresford and Ed Jackson. Every day this week at 8:30 am, Starks Fitness is delivering a series of free daily online workout classes on the Starks Fitness Instagram channel so that people of all ages and abilities can kick start their day.

Hello Yoga

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22. Hello Yoga – Six free yoga sessions for the first 500 subscribers

• Sign up for Hello Yoga and use the code 'HELLOISOLATION' to get six sessions for free

HelloYoga offers free live one-to-one yoga sessions to encourage Brits to stay at home and help those advised to self-isolate during the these – err – unique times. The first 500 users to sign up and use the code HELLOISOLATION will be credited with six digital personal yoga sessions, with a value of £89. Be quick!


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23. FIIT – free 14-day trial

• Sign up for FIIT for free today

FIIT brings the buzz of HIIT classes into your living room with 25 or 40-minute classes from a range of fitness instructors. And not just HIIT: you can also opt in to do strength training, combat, yoga, mobility flows, pilates and breathwork too. If you use a heart rate monitor, you can also see your heart rate, calorie burn and reps and take on your PBs and track progress.

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Beachbody on Demand

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24. Beachbody On Demand – 14-day free trial

• Try Beachbody On Demand for 14 days for free

Through Beachbody On Demand, stream over 1,100 virtual workouts including yoga, cardio, dance, strength and more. You can also download workouts for offline use and rack your progress in your personalised workout calendar. Download the Beachbody On Demand app for your phone and start the 14-day free trial today!


Look as ripped as Mr Hemsworth himself with Centr

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25. Centr from Chris Hemsworth – one week free trial

• Sign up for Centr – free for six weeks

Centr is a personalised, digital health and fitness platform founded by Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky which features a team of experts from the worlds of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. The app’s workouts are primarily HIIT-focused and require little to no gym equipment, making it an ideal place to keep fit and healthy whilst gyms are closed and the population is asked to remain at home.

New addition: a series of meditations, which will be recorded alongside Thor and Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi, will provide sleep visualisations and positive thoughts to help children aged four to 10 have a healthy mindset during this uncertain time.

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+1 Workout for free with T3!

• Browse all workout related content on T3

And finally, T3's workouts are free now and will stay free even after we can finally leave our homes, so why not try one today? We have the best glute workout for home as well as the best biceps and triceps workout for home gyms, just to name a couple.

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