Fossil's Android Wear smartwatch breaks cover

It's a handsome devil

Designers all over the place are jumping aboard the smartwatch bandwagon. First we had the Hermescollaboration with Apple, and now it's Fossil's turn.

We've know about the existence of an Android Wear-powered Fossil watch for sometime now, but details have been scarce.

Details are still scarce, but at least we now know what it will look like thanks to a blog post from the watch makers. We also know its name, meet the Q.

Thepost states, "Designed by our über talented watch team and engineered with Intel Innovation, Fossil Q consists of a connected bracelet, a connected non-display watch, and a round face display watch that runs on Android Wear."

As well as an Android Wear smartwatch it sounds like they're planning a Withings Active rival, with fitness tracking hidden behind an analogue watch face, and a smart bracelet, which we haven't seen yet.

Exact release date and price are yet to be announced, but the poststates they'll be here in time for the 'holiday season' (that's Christmas to you and I).