Forget Steam Deck OLED, the Hyperkin Mega 95 is the coolest gaming handheld around

Time to dust off those old Mega Drive / Genesis cartridges

Hyperkin Mega 95
(Image credit: Hyperkin (via The Verge))

Handheld games machines have never been as popular as they are now. The success of the Nintendo Switch has inspired a whole swathe of devices to hit the market over the last couple of years, with the Steam Deck largely leading the charge.

Retro gaming has also greatly risen in popularity of late, with a growing community of players not just wanting to play collections of classics, but the original cartridges themselves. You only need look at the Atari 2600+ to see why.

That's clearly why US accessories manufacturer Hyperkin has announced its Mega 95, a handheld games console that's capable of playing original Sega Mega Drive (AKA Genesis in the States) games.

Designed to look and feel like a Mega Drive controller, the device comes with a 5-inch display that can be switched between 4:3 and 16:9 modes (according to The Verge). It also promises up to 10-hours of battery life, which is pretty mighty considering just about every other handheld on the market today.

There are few other details at present, with the device pictured in images not apparently the final model, but Hyperkin has some experience of Mega Drive emulation, with its own MegaRetroN HD console that enables you to play cartridges on a TV in 720p and through HDMI.

That might also be where an separate dock fits in. The one pictured has two controller ports to allow you to play on a big screen. It's a neat extra, to be fair.

Hyperkin Mega 95 in dock

(Image credit: Hyperkin (via The Verge))

The manufacturer has also released a similar handheld in the past. As Retro Dodo states, it released a SupaBoy a few years ago, which can run Super Nintendo carts on its built-in display.

That also gives us a hint as to how much we can possibly expect to pay for the Mega 95. The Hyperkin SupaBoy is currently available from the brand's own online story for $119.99.

Hopefully the Sega equivalent is around the same price when it arrives. We don't know when that might be yet, however.

You can bet I'll be among those pre-ordering one when possible though. Oh, and expect to see me bidding furiously for old carts on eBay soon. Hands off Bubsy the Bobcat everyone – that one's mine, all mine.

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