Forget Amazon Prime Day! These cheap SIM only deals are exceptional

Cheap SIM only deals put pay to Amazon Prime Day with unlimited data, cheap bills and no contracts in sight

Amazon Prime Day SIM only deals
(Image credit: BT, Three, Smarty)

Hunting out the best SIM only deals is a speciality of T3 and, seemingly spurred on by Amazon Prime Day deals starting to drop, there are a raft of quality SIMO plans available right now.

The breadth in price and package delivered is also excellent, with quality SIM only deals starting for as little as £5 per month, and stretching up to unlimited everything beasts that, while costing a bit more, are still super affordable and are contract free, too.

The variety of networks is large as well with these SIMO plans, with everyone from Three, EE, iD Mobile, Smarty and Voxi getting in on the game. These are some of the finest SIM plan providers in the UK, and these deals are well worth checking out in our opinion if you're currently looking for a SIM upgrade.

SIM only | Three | Data: Unlimited | Calls and texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 12 months | £18p/m (opens in new tab)
Three has long now cemented itself as the UK's most consistently good network when it comes round to SIM only deals, with its unlimited everything for £18 the benchmark against which all other SIMO plans are judged. It's simply a superb all-round plan, and incredibly easy to recommend.

SIM only | iD Mobile | Data: Unlimited | Calls and texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 1-month rolling | £18p/m (opens in new tab)
If you like the idea of unlimited everything but don't like the idea of being tied to a contract, then this iD Mobile SIM only deal is the best choice on the market today. It delivers unlimited everything like the deal above, but comes with just a 30-day rolling contract, meaning you can walk away at any time. Simply superb.

SIM only | iD Mobile | Data: 1GB | Calls: 500 minutes | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 1-month rolling | £5p/m (opens in new tab)
And, while we're talking of iD Mobile, the supplier also has one of the absolute cheapest SIM only plans on offer today. At just £5 per month it is incredibly affordable and, with no long-term contract involved, it also offers superb freedom, too. Not the biggest data or minutes allowances, but if you're a light user this plan will be ideal.

SIM only | EE | Data: 100GB | Calls and texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 18 months | £20p/m (opens in new tab)
EE is the UK's fastest mobile network, which is why this massive data deal is well worth checking out. It delivers a super large 100GB of data to burn each month, as well as unlimited calls and texts for just £20 per month. It does comes with a medium-length 18-month contract, though.

SIM only | Smarty | Data: 100GB | Calls and texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 1-month rolling | £15p/m (opens in new tab)
If you're looking to keep your monthly SIM plan expenditure under £15, but still need huge data, then this Smart SIM only deal is for you. You get 100GB to burn and unlimited minutes and texts. You can also cancel it at any time as it comes on just a 30-day rolling contract. Nice.

SIM only | Voxi | Data: 12GB | Calls and texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 1-month rolling | £10p/m (opens in new tab)
Finally we have what we feel will be a Goldilocks "just right" SIM only deal for many people from Voxi. You get 12GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts for just £10 per month. There's no contract, either.

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