Ford heads out onto the snow to test its autonomous cars

The manufacturer is looking to see just how well its motor AI can deal with wintry weather

As tests continue on its autonomous car program, Ford is now testing its AI-controlled motors in far more dangerous conditions - including slippery snow and ice. The sessions won't see the cars pushed to their limits, but will provide an ideal representation of deterioratingweathers.

The testing is currently taking place at the Michigan Mcity plant - and considering weather in Detroit is currently around -8 degrees centigrade with heavy snowfall, we imagine the Motor City will be a perfect wintry setting. The cars will be using a mixture of LiDAR (a remote sensing technology) and 3D mapping software to create a clear picture of the road ahead (as well as taking into account weather conditions and the potential for ice, etc).

The 3D maps in question were actually created on the same track in much dryer and warmer weather by the University of Michigan, so Ford already knows how well its chosen AI motors can perform a far more agreeable conditions. In theory, the software on-board these cars can work in tandem with the traction control and braking system to ensure the car never slides off the road or places its potential human in danger.

Via: Ford

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