Flash drives could soon be as affordable as regular hard drives

The once crushingly expensive SSD is slowly becoming a fare more friendly investment

Still haunted by the all-too fresh memories of spending a small fortune on a decent sold state drive? We know the feeling. Well, according to a new batch of data collected by industry market research firm DRAMeXchange, the current decline in average SSD prices could lead price tags to tumble in the coming years.

The cost per gigabyte has dropped significantly in the past three years and DRAMeXchange predicts the trend will lead to a far more uniform pricing compared to regular hard drives - the company believes SSDs will cost a paltry 11 cents more than the spinning kind by 2017. So building or upgrading a PC could be considerably less destructive on the bank balance.

And while solid state real estate has slowly been decreasing over time, that doesn't mean regular hard drives are destined for the scrap heap. With the likes of those 16TB experimental models making waves, we certainly haven't seen the last of classic hard drives.

Via: Computer World

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