Flagship Voxi SIM only deal gets brilliant 60GB data boost

Voxi is currently running a superb SIM only deal that delivers big data with no contract

Voxi SIM only deals
(Image credit: Voxi)

Voxi is one of the UK's most respected SIM only deal specialists. That's because it not only drops truly brilliant SIM only deals that properly deliver in terms of allowances and features, but also that it runs off Vodafone's excellent UK mobile network, meaning that coverage is superb across the country.

And, what's more, Voxi does this without any contract being involved. Each Voxi SIM only deal comes with just a rolling 30-day plan, meaning you can cancel at any time. If you find a better deal all of a sudden, then you can ditch Voxi and move on immediately, without any waiting or cancellation fees.

And, right now, Voxi has just made it flagship SIMO deal even better, boosting its monthly data from 45GB to 60GB. That means you've got even more data to burn each month watching the brilliant content on Disney+ UK.

The full details of the data-boosted SIM only deal can be viewed below:


Voxi SIM | Unlimited mins and texts | 60GB of data | No contract | Endless Social Media | Endless Roaming | £20 per month
Finally, if Endless Roaming and Endless Social Media appeals, along with the awesome Voxi network coverage, but you need large swathes of data each month for downloading and streaming of video content off Netflix, then this 60GB Voxi plan is worth a look. You have to pay more, at £20 per month, but with that large amount of data tucked into your handset, you can kiss allowance breaches well and truly goodbye.

Voxi is also a T3 favourite SIM only supplier as it makes switching to one of its SIM plans incredibly easy, taking literally all the stress and pain out of the process. You simply enter your name and address to get a SIM, send a single text to get a PAC code, and then choose a Voxi plan and enter the PAC code in your online account. It literally couldn't be simpler.

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