Fitbit Premium: extended FREE access to all the advanced Fitbit features for 90 days

ALL paid features for free for three months, including the new blood oxygen graph and more

Fitbit Premium Subscription FREE for 90 days
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We live in uncertain times at the moment, with many people around the world having to go into self-isolation. For the same reason, quite a few people are also making an effort to improve their health, whether that's a healthier diet or exercising more indoors. Fitbit, the most popular fitness wearable brand, has announced a new wearable – Fitbit Charge 4 – and also that it will extend its Fitbit Premium subscription's trial period to 90 days in order to help people stay more healthy indoors for longer.

• Start your FREE 90-day Fitbit Premium subscription today

• Fitbit Charge 4’s best feature coming to older Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Charge models for FREE

The Fitbit  Premium subscription has only been announced a few months ago but it has proven to be extremely successful among Fitbit owners because it provides useful insights into one's lifestyle as well as providing tips and advice on how to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. With the extended trial period, you can enjoy all Fitbit Premium features for free for 90 days. 

Fitbit Premium Subscription FREE for 90 days

Access advanced features in the Fitbit App

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What's included in the Fitbit Premium subscription?

With the Fitbit Premium subscription, you can extend your Fitbit ecosystem even more, even if 'just' virtually. The many extra benefits include:

  • Mindfulness training and guided meditation: as well as training the body, you can train the mind too with Fitbit's mindfulness programs. Not only that, but the Mindfulness feature also includes stress-reducing 'relaxing sounds', perfect for when the neighbour upstairs is being annoying.
  • Audio and video workouts: Not being able to go to the gym is a big pain point for many. Fear not, Fitbit Premium has plenty of videos readily available for you, so you can train at home more efficiently.
  • Advanced sleep tools: get a detailed breakdown of your Sleep Score to find out which aspects of your sleep need to improve – and see if changes to your lifestyle impact your score. You can also access handy tools, like the bedtime checklist and soothing audio tracks for unwinding before sleepy time.
  • Personalised insights: although the free-of-charge Fitbit App gives you insights on your basic health stats, with the Fitbit Premium, you can access personalised insights about your activity, exercise, heart rate and sleep that show how your actions impact your health.
  • Guided programs: based on your goals, schedule and fitness level, Premium creates customised programmes to help you move more, eat well and sleep better. Each programme lasts a few weeks and walks you through how to build healthy habits, step by step.

Let us reiterate: all the above features are now free for 90 days. The subscription can be cancelled before the end of the trial period but who knows, by the end of the three months, you might get used to all the perks of the Fitbit Premium subscription?

• Start your FREE 90-day Fitbit Premium subscription today

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