First functioning iPhone 6 clone revealed in new vid

The phoney cellular is surprisingly convincing

We've seen plenty of iPhone 6 parts, leaks, and dummies, but this is the first time we've had a close-up of a functioning clone.

A sneak peek at what looks to be the first functioning iPhone 6 clone has been uploaded to YouTube by tech vlogger Danny Winget.

Winget doesn't detail how he actually got his hands on the 4.7-in handset, but it seems to have been made in China.

The phone at face value is for all intents and purposes an iPhone 6, matching all of the design leaks we've seen thus far - including the protruding rear camera.

Winget's cloned device even seems to be running iOS8, although closer inpsection reveals the software is actually a "heavily skinned version of Android to make it look like iOS8 on this 4.7-in display."

A closer inspection of the clone's system UI reveals the phone was actually running Android 4.2.2, and was operating on a MediaTek 2.40GHz quad-core A9 processor and 2gb of memory.

The faux-OS appeared to be very well executed, although giveaways included some slightly off app logos, Android changelogs, and complete access to the Google Play Store.

The convincing blower shipped in a black iPhone 5 box, and came with headphones, a charger, and even a manual.

"This looks exactly like the iPhone 6 dummy units that were leaked earlier this year. This is just a more complete clone of it," says Winget.

iPhone 6 Galaxy S5

A Samsung Galaxy S5 next to the iPhone 6 clone

"Even down to the box, the literature, and even all of the accessories, they've cloned the iphone down to a tee."

Surprisingly, the phoney cellular actually received T-mobile signal, and so Winget was able to make calls without issue.

Unfortunately, the clone shipped with a rubbish camera and a very low-res screen, so it's not quite a flawless imagining of Apple's next smartphone.

"This is definitely just a novelty item to have but I definitely had a lof of fun showing this off to people today," with the vlogger claiming people were shocked by the handset.

Winget also showed off the clone next to some other dummy units, and even the Samsung Galaxy S5. The 4.7-in display is markedly smaller than the S5's 5.1-in display, but rumours of a second 5.5-in iPhone 6 should quell Apple fans looking for more screen real estate.

Interestingly, Winget put the phone in an iPhone 6 Spigen case and it fit perfectly, meaning spec guesswork is solid on both ends.

Check out Winget's 10-minute run-through video below:

Via 9to5mac