First hands-on images of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra have leaked

The future flagship Android phone shows off a more iPhone alike design this time out

An image of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
(Image credit: Twitter)

If you're a fan of Android phones, you'll be spoilt for choice right now. The market has been growing significantly in recent years. Now, we have a whole host of manufacturers producing quality devices.

Samsung phones are still at the top of the pile. Their current flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – is well regarded across the industry for its combination of software and hardware prowess.

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Now, the first hands-on images have leaked of the successor to that device – the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. They've appeared on Twitter in the hands of a user called David Martin. It's worth noting that this isn't an account we're familiar with here at T3 and, as such, we can't verify the validity of the claims.

However, they're pretty damning images. Let's not beat around it – the whole device has a distinctly more iPhone-esque appearance. That includes a flat screen, and much less drastically curved edges to the device overall. Everything is a little more blocky and square than previous generations.

I can't say I mind that, though. Recent generations of the Ultra model have used an unusual design language in my view. It's not quite square; it's not quite curvy. Instead, it's a bit of a mishmash of the two.

At least in this iteration, they've gone with one style and stuck with it. The whole thing feels much more put together like that.

So, when might we get to see this? Well... relatively soon. Samsung's flagship devices have traditionally launched early in the new year. Rumours suggest a mid-to-late January launch could be in the works for the S24 generation.

That's not long to wait for the new handset, and I, for one, am excited. The current S23 generation is one of the best the brand have put out for a while, and a little extra refinement could push it further still. We'll have to wait and see just how good they are, though.

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