FIFA Street to convert 'last remaining PES players' says EA

Ahead of the March 16th FIFA Street UK release date EA has said it is to target PES gamers

With a FIFA Street UK release date less than a month away, developer EA Sports has revealed it intends to target PES fans with the urban football sim

Developer EA Sports has taken a slight dig at rival Konami suggesting the upcoming FIFA Street release will help the company transform the last remaining PES fans into FIFA gamers.

With a FIFA Street UK release date already pencilled in for March 16th, EA Sports has outed its hopes that the urban football sim will gain new fans for the already dominant football franchise.

"We're hopeful that we can use Street as a way to introduce people that love football video games into the EA Sports family," said FIFA Street creative director Gary Paterson. "We're hopeful that maybe the last remaining hardcore PES group of players will be interested in FIFA Street."

Paterson added: "Maybe some other players see FIFA as being a bit intimidating for them, and we're hopeful these are looking for a more casual experience. It's a way for people to have their first experience in the world of football gaming and maybe in the future they can go on to be FIFA gamers."

FIFA Street Features

Confirmed at GamesCon last year, FIFA Street will allow gamers to tackle a variety of pitch types from the childhood memory inducing concrete playground to extravagant show piece stages set in global landmarks such as London's Piccadilly Circus, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

"Street football is all about flare, so we'll have the likes of heel passes and flare passing. What we're debating over right now is how difficult to make a pass,” said EA's Paterson.

"Obviously, in the main FIFA series the difficulty isn't in placing a single pass; it's in stringing 15 or 20 passes together to create space so you can get a good shot away. With such small pitches in Street, one successful pass can potentially put you through on goal for a scoring opportunity."

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